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  1. Thank you for this information. I understand the need to remove a setting if it causes issues for the buyer. So I cannot blame Codemasters for this. However, it has effectively ended my ability to use F1 2019 for work purposes. I'm am sad to see I cannot use it anymore for future video card reviews. It was a good benchmark for the ability to work with a wide range of video cards and still keep a decent frame-rate. Best of luck and thanks again for replying to my question.
  2. I am sad to here this. Not only can you not go back to older versions in steam, now the patch cycle is over. Well Codemasters essentially lost free marketing because I am not going re-benchmark hundreds of hours for a game that is about to be replaced with F1 2020. I also won't be using the new one either if Codemasters is going to change graphical settings after a release. It is every reviewers nightmare! I already have a replacement lined up. But if any DEV actually reads this, please re-add Ultra High back in or allow it to work if you set it in the XML file. If you are afraid it causes issues, hide it in some advanced menu or something. I am not the only reviewer who has just been screwed over by this "update". We want to benchmark games at the highest graphical settings. When the highest settings is removed, all previous benchmark data becomes unless. *Edit* Steam says I have 27 hours on record. That is just benchmarks, I have never actually played the game for fun. Not only is some of the video cards no longer available for me to re-test, but just putting in the video card, installing drivers, running benchmark, logging benchmark results, uninstalling drivers, putting new card in and repeating takes at least double the time. I would say just to re-test this game properly would land me around 70 Hours...
  3. Hey Codemaster team! I am in pickle right now because I use F1 2019 in my video card benchmarks. However the newest update 1.22 make it incompatible with my previous results. Patch notes say "Maximum Vehicle Reflections setting reduced from ‘Ultra High’ to ‘High’ for stability". Even when I force Ultra High in the XML settings, it doesn't do anything. So either I have to retest about 30 video cards, 3 resolutions, stock and overclocked (180 benchmark runs in total), or I drop this game from my benchmarks and replace it with something different. Please make a hotfix and add Ultra High back in. Otherwise I can no longer use F1 2019 in my benchmarks. It is simply way to much time to reinvest to re-do all the benchmarks. Also Steam does not allow to go back to older versions :/