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  1. 1 hour ago, danielofifi said:

    Very interesting. So what should Codies do to make the game more realistic in your opinion? Perhaps weaken Group B cars' braking and cornering performance?

    @PJTierney I think it's important to make devs aware of this thread in respect to the future Dirt Rally games.

    I'll be doing Group B cars next episode, so will definitely comment on where they are unbalanced!

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  2. This took a lot longer than I expected!! Many many issues and bad luck in creating this for some reason.

    But here is the second episode, Mitsubishi vs Subaru!

    I'm really curious as to why the results turned out the way they did? Because it makes the game seem a little broken, so if anyone has any ideas please let me know haha. 

    Group B rallycross vs rally vs 306 maxi next I think!?

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  3. 4 hours ago, Jake Cushing said:

    Ok, somebody chime in with 'Ah, but you'd have to drive the Porsche differently you see...'

    Nice vid, first outcome expected. Second though...

    Hahah my friend already did! So there should be a bonus video next week where i drive the Porsche "properly". Thank you.

    Hahah I had to triple check the footage to make sure that second outcome was right😂

  4. On 5/2/2020 at 1:00 PM, PJTierney said:

    This one qualifies, hope you do more 🙂 

    Keep them in this thread though, you should be able to change your thread title.


    Group B 4WD vs Group B Rallycross might be an interesting test.

    Thank you! The plan is to release one every other Friday (they take longer than I thought). And thank you for the suggestion, I've been curious about the real difference between the two as well! Definitely will be in an episode.





    This is a head to head series I have been working on that puts cars we can't always directly compare on Dirt Rally 2.0 against each other.

    Episode 1 puts one of the fastest Rally GT cars against the RX Audi S1.

    Episode 2 is Subaru vs Mitsubishi, you'll be suprised how they stack up on the current leaderboard.

    Hope you guys enjoy and have some suggestions for future battles! 

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  6. On 4/18/2020 at 7:15 PM, cjr3559 said:

    The only way I’d use soft tires at Monte Carlo is on the 100% tarmac stages (no ice/snow) which I believe is just two of them (forward and reverse). Can’t recall the stage names off hand, but they’re like 4kms.  And the chance of getting them consecutively between service stages without a snow/ice stage is slim to none.

    Other than the option to choose wet or dry tarmac compounds, there really isn’t much point to the different tire options in the game.  As far as dirt compounds are concerned, with the usual glut of service stages that are dished out you may as well just pick softs for everything. 

    Ah that's kind of sad. I came from playing WRC8 to Dirt Rally 2.0 and service areas/ tyre choices were crucial. I'm still going to do some more testing with different compounds but I'm sure you're right:')

  7. Is there any situation when the recommended tyres aren't the fastest for the stage?


    I whipped up this video to test it out a little bit.


    Soft tyres are easily the most fun on snow but I was losing time at every turn. The winter tyres might spin up a lot, but result in a lot more forwards momentum. They can also be very twitchy at the limit on snow.

    Have you guys found anything different?