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    Error mesagge -GRID 2019

    hi. I have a quad core AMD Phenom II X4 820 Processor 2.80ghz 12gb Ram Geforce GTX 760 driver fully updated I have uninstalled the driver and updated with full current driver Windows 10 fully updated I personally think my CPU isn't compatible. but EH still try. Rage 2 runs I have uninstalled WINDOWS 10 and REINSTALLED WINDOWS 10 And have been fully updated since then I have uninstalled GRID and REINSTALLED GRID I have Validated Steam files. I have deleted the Hardware.config file in Mygames/grid and restarted GRID I have Disabled Windows Defender Antivirus I have tried running the GRID executable from inside the STEAM folder I have placed a desktop icon and ran it from there I have messed with GEFORCE experience But always...always get the same DX12 error that most people are getting, GRID shuts down after logos with DX12 error Thanks