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  1. TLDR: No! Its my worthless hill. Get off! baaaaaaaa
  2. im a bit late and dont have a rally license but I was wondering which location you'll pick for Idaho Rally? Oh and If codemasters wanted to put Idaho in their games what would be the process behind it? Idaho rally is gorgeous.
  3. An unbias person would look into all the options presented before themselves. It seems contradictory to indicate people are sheep before you test it yourself. Just go to the link. Download and try it. There is no point or benefit to miss out on the joy of the physics for the sake of being stubborn about it. The track surface model or what ever its called looks so blocky because the 15 year old engine is limited in that regard or something. IDK! The objects on the modded tracks have ****** collision physics thats extremely annoying. BUT Other than that its my favorite sim to play right up
  4. I think the most important suggestion is the surface variety. Or in other words the environmental variety. And im not talking about weather. Im talking about what the player sees and experiences as they go down a stage. To me this is the biggest void for left for improvement while keeping costs low vs adding more longer stages to address the repetitiveness issue. It may not totally fix it but it would be the next best thing to it and it makes the game closer to 100% accurate as well. I love Australia and Monaco because they have 2 types of surface. I love certain stages in wales, sc
  5. Btw how are the sales for GRID(2019) and Project Cars 3 coming along? Not so great I bet. I wonder what happened lol.
  6. Codemasters cant just make the roads more wider because they are all laser scanned. Would you make nordeshlife more wider? Dirt Rally is a simulation! You would be laughed at. Or why dont they just add both? Find locations for the game that are wider and more narrower then DR 1 & 2. It brings in noobs and lets them gradually adjust and it gives vets something tougher to chew on too.
  7. Thank you Chris Jojo and Ian Gwynne at BGMsport! You guys changed my life and many other by just the sound alone with your games. The first Codemasters game I was fortunate to have a taste of your guys addictive sound work from Race Driver Grid. When dirt Rally released I would personally have to contribute again to the engine sounds being the main reason I keep coming back to your games that other couldn't provide me. Thank you and much love. ❤️
  8. Just trying to address the other mean things you throw in with it. Being factual as a cover to insult somebody is toxic because you can just say what ever you want to somebody so long as its factual. Denying/dodging the insults someone throws along with "facts" is bs and would get old with anybody on the planet. Someone requesting to be less disrespectful is not being immature.
  9. I think I know what you mean with the reasoning being because of the mods and stuff. Would be cool if Codemasters/EA could have some kind of partnership with racedepartment regarding the all the hundreds of liveries being created by modders. If a livery cost 50 cents to $1 as dlc and If modders could have some kind of deal/certification from racedepartment to take it upon themselves to contact the teams for their permission to create their liveries for them into games so long as everybody gets a piece of the cash would be sick and profitable I imagine. Yeah its a shame. I think
  10. You're being negative. It's toxic and gets really old.
  11. Honestly. This kinda coverage makes me super hyped for more funding to go towards more rallying video games(hopefully dirt rally series in particular) . Keep them coming! And I love the touch of the H3 class in the championship too. Hopefully Junior WRC will put some RWD/AWD rally4-5 cars and FWD/RWD in rally1-3 cars in future WRC championships.
  12. This is my first time seeing something like this. Cool!
  13. lol Dirt Rally 2.0 is the 3rd most played racing sim on steam behind Assetto Corsa and F1 2020...Sometimes it will trade places With ACC. And what do you mean there will be less people playing the second title and so forth? ummm... There are more people playing the second dirt rally more than the first? So I dont know where you're getting your ideas from. iracing always has thousands of people watching it on twitch but the game itself has less then a few hundred people A MONTH actually playing it. Dirt Rally 2.0 is the opposite of that. Not a lot of people watch or stream it but it
  14. I suspect its a quick patch work fix for lack of optimization for all the trees they originally put in
  15. Doesn't it make the stage way more interesting and less repetitive? Bland stages is one of the most complained things in Dirt Rally, but what I think people dont realize they are actually referring to are bland road surfaces AND surroundings. -The tress look the same and its very noticeable from helicopter view. -The roads dont have any random dark patches especially on tarmac. -the forests and woods dont truly feel "thick" and "full" I mean you can see all the way back as far as the draw distance/fog will let you.
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