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    Future Hill Climbing Events?

    Yes me too. There were some hillclimb cars in GRID 2019 so i believe they are aware that they exist :p. I'm speculating the reason it was limited before was because of licensing rules. I'm not sure how codemasters could go about changing it to allow more freedom but I hope they could figure something out if they add hillclimb..
  2. Orangetuner

    Future Hill Climbing Events?

    Mixed Surface: New Hampshire -Mount Washington Tarmac: England, Italy -Goodwood -Alpe del Nevegal, Trento Bondone, Trofeo Vallecamonica & Verzegnis Sella Chianzutan, Gubbio Goodwood Italy Hillclimb courses
  3. Orangetuner

    China time attack rally for 3.0!

    concrete stages through a gritty Chinese town and narrow mountain roads are a wet dream.
  4. Orangetuner

    hill climb idea's?

    Mt. Washington Goodwood
  5. Orangetuner

    why not the fd and fc? <3

    They need to put the in FC at least since it was with the rest of the RWD group b pack during those days. Plus we really need an insane rotary engine sound engineered by codemasters.
  6. you read it right. put these music genres into DR 3.0 just like the good old days. Cmon codies dont be shy. show the rest of the world the proud UK music scene.
  7. Orangetuner

    Dirt Rally 3 - Wish List

    Ill quote exatly what I said from a reddit post about the technical possibilities of dirt rally 3.0. https://www.reddit.com/r/dirtgame/comments/g1za6v/what_are_you_hoping_to_see_in_dirt_rally_30/?sort=new "I believe adding more fidelity to the particle physics would make the rally atmosphere for the next ego engine more authentic too. If its possible to have a scaled down version of these examples below then I think dirt rally 3.0 would be on a new level. car driving over water ignore rest of video @00:16 flame exhaust particles. @1:16 dirt/sand/snow particles and tires generating smoke on tarmac. @00:05 imagine if this kind of dust could come from your car interacting with the enviorment imagine when you hit a tree some leaves will fall Bending Vegetation. I think WRC 8 is already doing this one with stormy weather conditions, Codemasters. trees breaking from impact this could apply to electric and light poles too @00:14 authentic Doppler sound effects. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) wait for it."