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  1. Rancie

    F1 2014 Multiplayer connection issues

    It's the shite peer to peer connection instead of investing in dedicated servers on cummasters part
  2. Rancie

    Override Input Device - 2014

    That's because the game is broke. They know it's broke and they refuse to fix it. Sorry gentlemen but you just got screwed like the rest of us who bought into their bullshit.
  3. Rancie

    No Codies! You STILL haven't fixed it!

    I think they should work on the gameplay issues between using a wheel or a pad before they even think about implementing anything else. I personally am not going to invest over $400.00 dollars on a new PS3 for a broken game. I think FOM should just revoke the licensing for the game and find a new developer with better resources.
  4. Rancie

    warming tryes

    Correct. It's a delicate manuever. But if you can master it, it's quite useful. I use a wheel and find it quite easy to do as I'm use to doing it. With the tyre wear being scripted I haven't had a problem with uneven tyre wear.
  5. Rancie

    warming tryes

    quickly spinning the tyres is an option to use but you need to "control the spin at a high rev the then quickly shift up. It's a great tactic to use if you can master the timing of it. Coming out of a corner at a higher rpm will also offer a "slow tyre spin" that will also keep heat in the rears to offer more grip. Just remember to feather the throttle so you don't start trying to do donuts. Hope that helps.
  6. Rancie

    playstation 3 game data transfer

    you can copy the save game data to a usb flash drive and can then copy it to the new console
  7. Rancie

    Sochi 'Hot Lap' with Torro Rosso!!!

    Well said. Personally I'm seriously thinking of writing a letter to FOM about the lack of authenticity in the game and the extreme lack of acknowledgement on CM's part to their customers questions.
  8. Rancie


    Already a thread about pre-orders http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/3103/pre-orders#latest
  9. Rancie

    Digital Version vs. Disc Version

    nope. I have a digital and a disk copy and there is no difference. Not that I can tell anyway.
  10. Rancie

    @ Hatta re: Monza

    I guess that answers that.
  11. Rancie

    @ Hatta re: Monza

    A couple textures and a couple sound files. Wait. You're probably right. WE ARE THE STATUES. STAND PROUD. lol
  12. Rancie

    @ Hatta re: Monza

    They asphalted the run off area at the Parabolica at Monza. Will CM update the track before release. or will we have a release patch.
  13. Rancie

    Bit Dissapointed...

    with the hot laps they've released so far I personally don't see any effort. It's like watching replays of 2013.
  14. Start date was5 months ago?
  15. Rancie

    f1 2011 corner posts

    Watch for the "Hanging Bollard" glitch. I hit one so hard my screen blacked out for a second. lol