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  1. Hi all, Always crash with many Grid_dx12.exe error No solution to resolve this !? I send many many report but... We paid for this game but there is not support to help us to find a solution. For me it's the last time i buy a codemasters game!!!
  2. always crash after one minute :-( i send many report but.... nothing change... i'm sad
  3. Hi, Crash again and again only 1 minute after launch. it's more and more short before crash. Please help us, the people who have a Ryzen Processor. Thanks again
  4. Malgré toutes ces manipulations, c'est toujours la même chose, le jeu crash au bout de quelques minutes, maintenant je ne peux même pas faire une course !! Vite un correctif svp !! Je n'ai aucun soucis avec mes autres jeux et mon PC est neuf et à jour. Crash again today only 5 minutes after start
  5. Me too with Ryzen x3900 Always crash !! I can't play one run, the game crash After only 2min now and Always i'm so desapointed .... Please Codemasters help us. Crash again after 5 mins
  6. Thanks for your link @CMTGK but we try all these solution before with no success. I see another strange thing... when i launch game with Steam launcher (up to date of course) GRID 2019 Crash very shortly (one run) When i launch the game directly with the shorcut (Steam launcher close) it's working more time. Maybe....
  7. Hi all, It's so strange. Last week i could play during more 30 mins but today only 2 min and crash again. I can't finish one run !! Please help us and publish a good patch to resolve this, apprently only the people with AMD Ryzen have this Directx error....
  8. Hi, For people who have this error, try this procedure maybe... To launch the game in Safe Mode do as follows: 1) In the Steam library right click on GRID. 2) Select "Properties" 3) Click "Set Launch Options" 4) Insert the following... -safemode and then click Ok 5) Run the game
  9. OK thanks for your help and investigation. I don't use Afterburner and The app exception in my Firewall was already add 😉 I send the "dxdiag.txt" to your support too, I hope that finally you found THE solution. Regards Edit : I m playing during 30 mins without crash it's awesome. I'm sure your on the good way because since the "bug update" you deliver two days ago, i think the game is more stable (only one crash yesterday)
  10. Hey, Thanks for your quick action and update ^^ i'm doing the update and test the game last night but.... ok it's working more time (about 15 minutes) but finally it crash again with same error 0x7394bc but with another address. I'm sure you can find the solution quickly ;-) Kind Regards.
  11. Exactly the same error/problem many DirectX error 😞 The game working 1 run and crash seriously My config is very strong AMD Ryzen x3900 - Nvidia RTX2070 Super - 32Go DDR on new fresh Windows 10 Pro 64 bits and i play with settings 2560x1440-144hz-144ips - all other advance settings are FULL (the game is awesome and so speed) I try to reinstall the game with steam plateform and check file integrity and update GRID of course with 15th April update and update nVidia Driver to 445.87 with GeForce Experience ...but always crash crash crash again !!! I do
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