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  1. Can you take part in a "crossplay" racenet club rally event on ps4 without having paid the ps+ subscription fee?
  2. @Myrvold My thoughts exactly. Maybe they don't think it would be worth to fix the game at this point. However, I'd be more than happy to buy all the DLCs, because I love what I have experienced with the base game content. If only the game was playable in the evening EU hours I would do it right away.
  3. Hello there! We (a total of ~10 players, PC and PS4 alike) are getting connectivity issues during "busy hours" (evening hours UTC time). Numerous connection errors when trying to access our club championships, or when we continue to the next stage. On the weekends evenings - literally impossible to even start a stage. Tried yesterday for about 10 retries, before I finally gave up. I own a Steam version of the game. Game seems to work fine during earlier parts of the day (too bad we have to work...)