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  1. datsucks

    Game won't launch

    I tried to launch without gamepad, but no luck. I updated my driver to current version yesterday, so I already tried to launch on previuos version. Also I think I should mention that I'm trying to launch the game on remote PC using Parsec Gaming but it works just fine with other games. My motherboard is ASUS Prime B350-PLUS. hardware_settings_config.xml
  2. datsucks

    Game won't launch

    I'm using Windows 10, I updated my gpu driver just yesterday. My game version in (looked up in properties of executable). DxDiag.txt
  3. datsucks

    Game won't launch

    1.I installed the game, tried to launch but it closes right after black screen with no error. I already turned off antivirus, firewall, steam overlay, tried to launch with admin rights, reinstalled, tried dx 11 and Windows 7 compability. I also checked Documents\My Games\F1 2019\hardwaresettings and wrote my screen resolution in hardware_settings_config . 2.I'm using up-to-date version. 5.Everytime i'm launching the game. 7. I'm using Xbox 360 gamepad.