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  1. tonino999

    Force feedback and degrees problems

    Thank you for the answer. The problem is that I use VR and don't have the correct steering rotation isn't good for the immersion. I'll try your setup, but it seems similar to mine. Do you have strange effect driving on straights?
  2. I have problem with force feedback, using a TS-PC Racer. On the straights the wheel is weak, but when I turn even a few degrees, I feel an absurd push towards the opposite side. With these sways, it seems like in the front there are two bicycle tyres. It's easier to drive on gravel then on asphalt. Cornering, the wheel is hard, but is more a difficult to turn it, that a real return force. Totally undriveable. My profiler setup is: 540° Overall, constant and periodic: 100%. Spring and damper: 0%. Auto-center: by the game Another problem is that if I don't put the same degrees range of the car on profiler, the wheel rotation doesn't match 1:1. I started with 1080 degrees on profiler and I did the calibration in game, but when I was in the car, 1 virtual degree corrisponded to 2 degrees of the TS-PC Racer. I tried other degrees range on profiler, but the game, even with soft lock on, is set like to spread the degrees of the virtual car to cover all the range of the real wheel. In the end, I tried 5-6 cars and I saw that the steering range in game was 540 degrees, and i setted the same value on profiler. I don't know if there are cars with more or less degrees, but anyway, if I set 1080 degrees on profiler and 1080 degrees in game, with a correct percentual rotation, it should work. My in game force feedback setup is similar to the others findable online. I readed yet all the post that I thought could help me. It's really frustrating. No issues with Kartkraft, AC and rFactor 2. Thank you in advance for the support.