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  1. Since 2010 I never finished career mode.  Racing with real people  from all over the world has been the best experience.  Yes some are good some are bad mostly it is awesome.  it definitely could be whole lot better without the lag and glitches.
  2. Nah don't change it.  It's the same for everyone anyway. since there is no fuel strategy and gear box to think about at least we can still ponder on which tire.
  3. T500 left dpad(to right ) + mode button increase rotation angle. Use after game is loaded  (in-game adjustment ).
  4. I'd like it if you can't change the gear settings because in 2014 it's about the driver adapting to the car. 
  5. It's amazing how some people pay so much attention to esthetic details. When I play/race all I pay attention to is the track ahead and the position of cars in proximity.  I'm most concerned about steering feel as it changes with every edition and connectivity/freezing issues.  The 2014 is just a filler before the 2015 as CM has made this clear when they anounced it. So expect a 2013 with a new suit.
  6. I say just skip 2014 and release 2015 earlier next year. If they release 2014 it will probably be late Nov or Dec by the time the game is ready with all the patches it will be 2015 anyway.  I say give us an awesome 2015 game.  I haven't played the career anyway. 
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