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  1. Guga_Cyr


    Because releasing a new game every 12 mths leaves too little time to develop any particular aspect of it to be as good as it can be 🤷🏽‍♂️
  2. Guga_Cyr

    How does custom car perform in TT?

    Pretty sure I read (somewhere on here) a confirmation of sorts that the custom car in TT has the same performance values as the Merc? Maybe I’m mistaken though 🤷🏽‍♂️
  3. Guga_Cyr

    Private Training (Free Practice with no AI)

    Couldn’t agree more... The lack of a “free practice” game mode - which features in every self-respecting racing title (be it game or sim) going back as far as the early 90’s at least - is just mind boggling.
  4. Guga_Cyr

    F1 2021 - Improved Replay System [with UI/UX Mockup]

    All very good suggestions & I’d love to see it happen. That said, I’ve got a theory as to why the replay system in this franchise is as barebones today as it was in 2010 - flashbacks (whether they’re used or not). Have asked the question of the devs in the F1 chat section a few weeks back but didn’t get a single reply.... Make of that what you will, but in my mind the silence from “officialdom” on the matter when other more trivial things (like the coloured stripe on the merc’s halo) gets sent up the chain almost immediately suggests I may well be onto something because I sure as hell would be uncomfortable opening up a discussion about what I can’t or won’t be able to implement. In any case, 🤞🏽 an overhaul of the replay system is on somebody’s to-do list because let’s face it, the current one is pox & has been for the best part of the last decade 🤦🏽‍♂️
  5. Guga_Cyr

    Camera Selection Option

    Do you play on PC?
  6. Guga_Cyr

    Well done...

  7. Guga_Cyr

    FOM Car Idea Box

    Cool, I did remember thinking it was a nice touch when I noticed it. Surely the “custom team” bit was an oversight & will get sorted in the next update
  8. So I tried everything you suggested with the exception of GHub which was already installed & up to date. Same result though, the game always freezes without displaying any "warning: controller disconnected" message... On the plus side, The Ego dumper is accessible now after the crash so I don't have to reboot the PC Thanks for the help regardless
  9. Guga_Cyr

    FOM Car Idea Box

    I may be mistaken, but this is already halfway done - pretty sure in the car select screen for TT, the team badge for the car is your MyTeam badge?
  10. Thanks, I’ll give it a whirl 👍🏽
  11. Sure, appreciate your help! mobo is an ASUS Prime B450M-K AM4 M-ATX; Monitor is a JVC LT-58N550A 58" LCD TV; Keyboard & Mouse is a Logitech MK470 "Slim Combo"; I couldn't find the 684536-20201015-154958.dmp /.zip you referenced - but have attached the only zip with today's date saved in C:\Users\gus\AppData\Local\Temp 684536-20201015-154255-0.zip
  12. Definitely not getting that "Warning: controller disconnected" msg - just the game freezing & then the Ego dumper crash dialog pops up when I try ALT+TAB out of the game. Miraculously, this time around I was able to send the crash report (but attached again here to be sure, to be sure). Dxdiag also attached. DxDiag.txt Ego crash.txt
  13. I get what you're saying... Could've sworn I'd seen DRS used on the straight between T2 & T3 on lap 3 in Melbourne before, but I guess my understanding of the rule is wrong - much like I was about that Shazaam movie. Racing @ Melbourne is what prompted my post.. Looking at the track map closely though: TIL that DRS detection points are numbered just like the zones are.... 🤦🏽‍♂️ Case closed 👍🏽
  14. Guga_Cyr

    So, about flashbacks & their effect on replays..

    Nothing? Nothing at all?