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  1. Nah, I’m not angry - just disillusioned. It’s time for change.
  2. For it to be developed by someone else
  3. So then the weekly events are not, in fact… weekly. At least the codemasters are consistent with their fast & loose interpretation of English 🤦🏽‍♂️ Here’s hoping that with each passing year we (the plebs) remember this fact when the hype train for their latest bare minimum reskin toots it’s horn & pulls out of the station.
  4. No-one at codies actually gives a 💩 Sad as it may be, the evidence doesn’t lie
  5. Pretty sure that is the case, but it shouldn’t be accepted as an excuse for the nonsense we have to put up with as paying customers (think bugs that’re resolved one year only to resurface two years later). Given how long they’ve had exclusivity of the licence, iteration should be the name of the game but they obviously struggle to manage carrying over improvements from one year to the next… In my eyes all this points to their whole operation sorely lacking leadership & while I’m interested to see what effect EA’s influence on the next one will be I sure as hell won’t be
  6. But these guys go buy the name Codemasters, ffs 🙄 Don’t see any other studio blatantly misleading their customers like this. Want the situation to improve? Stop paying for the privilege to beta test 😇
  7. It’s been that way for some time. I suspect they honestly believe their customers don’t have the required attention span to make it through 10 seasons…. Nevermind that though - how good is having a linear story mode with SFA replay value??! 🤦🏽‍♂️
  8. Code"masters" Disclaimer: I haven't actually watched your vid....
  9. Your argument that I can choose whether to use the restart session option or not is valid, but your claim that removing the option from the player isn’t lazy game design doesn’t hold any water. If it wasn’t a case of lazy game design, the differences between difficulty settings / modes whatever would be much more extensive than they currently are. Put another way, disabling the ability to restart a session entirely when the player selects pro settings is a relatively simple thing to implement, yet hasn’t been done whereas disabling the ability to use flashbacks has… I’ll wait right h
  10. Not an in-game option sadly, but a mod. Changing the grip colour was super easy, the button labels not so much… But combined they go a long way towards making it much more MYteam. You and me both! Highly unlikely it’ll ever happen though.
  11. I find it bizarre so many drivers move around mid-season. Sure, its happened in the past but it’s typically the exception rather than the rule. These whack mid-season transfers are just a symptom though - The root cause of this particular issue is shoddy game design paired with mediocre coding that is deemed “good enough” to release into the wild after a token beta phase at a higher price than the previous iteration. At least they’re consistent.
  12. I thought the loyalty bonus was a 10% discount on the price of the game, which I received. Not interested in pit pass stuff, its all trash anyway
  13. Because the sales figures they generate every year irrespective of the smooth brain decisions made vindicates them.
  14. Rumour has it “the feedback from real life f1 drivers” used to market last years game actually goes both ways - with Codies currently providing consulting services to the FIA on how to implement AI sliders in real life. Danny Ric is holding his breath so hard his face has turned blue.
  15. I’d like to see this too. Should be part of the ‘pro’ settings. It’s lazy game design.
  16. Haven’t experienced the mind melting shark bit my car damage model yet myself but am not surprised either. After so many years of over promising & underdelivering the studio should be renamed to Marketingmasters to better reflect reality.
  17. Pay more, get less 🤦🏽‍♂️ It’s a stitch up.
  18. I find it kinda amusing how the gravel looks is considered immersion breaking, but the same character models showing up in a different team uniform every time you see them isn’t 🤷🏽‍♂️
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