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  1. Same thing as DrBen above (3a311d18), Australia, PC, Official Dirt Club challenge after just finishing stage 10. Getting that error screen when clicking "Continue" or "Quit to Main Menu". Would be nice to understand what will I actually lose if I choose to go to Main Menu while ignoring this error. I have two stages to complete; will I get DNF for them or something?
  2. The only reliable work-around that I know of so far is to connect to a VPN before starting the game (I use privateinternetaccess.com). For some reason, even connecting to the exit node in the same region I am (Melbourne/Australia) seems to work - I have not seen a single timeout or a server error while playing connected to a VPN.. While it may sound like the ISP may be blocking something and VPN bypasses it, it's not very likely because the game used to work just fine and still works without VPN (although intermittently). A mystery shrouded in an enigma. 😞
  3. I wonder if a concurrent connected user number is a good metric to use to determine whether there's a backend problem. What does it look like when the servers are at capacity? Say for example the backend is capable of handling 1000 concurrent users, after which there are no available "slots" (which could be anything - available backend servers, available TCP sockets, load balancer concurrent connection limits, or any number of other things). Once the number of "available slots" is reached (I'm assuming no automatic scale-out), it could be that the system won't let new user connections, wh
  4. Completely unable to get into career mode today (Australia/Telstra, PC/Steam). Couple days ago sent an email to Customer Service, and got this back: The way I read this reply is "we won't be trying to fix this". Twitter account @dirtgame is pretty much solid marketing drumming up DiRT 5 and e-sports cuts, with not a single pip about the backend servers having any problems. I wonder if collectively tweeting at @bell_sms (Codies' CEO) would help in any shape, way, or form?
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