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  1. QVRFCGameboys

    [PS4] Racing - Mondays

    Upcoming league with organizers, stewards and commentators all sorted already. Different than other leagues because of: Full qualifying (50% race distance) Top 16 points Bonus challenge for teams Short season of 9 races Stewarding based on points mostly Almost all assists allowed, all levels welcome too, still some full time spots left to fill.
  2. After hosting a successful first season on DiRT Rally 2.0 JOKR CHAMP is now switching from rallycross races to rally races. Again JOKR CHAMP is set up to be different from any series creating a tense but friendly competition and you will find out why below! Teams Again teams will be a feature incorporated in the new season. This time teams consist of all drivers racing with a R5 car from one of the manufacturers. The 2 highest points scorers per round per manufacturer are the ones scoring points for the team standings. Format The season is hosted via RaceNet, the leagues system of DiRT Rally 2.0 itself. You can simply find it searching for ‘JOKR CHAMP’. To be eligible to score points you also need to be in the Discord of JOKR CHAMP. The season consists of 6 rounds, partly non-DLC rounds and partly DLC rounds. You can only play the DLC rounds if you do own the DLC content used. Each round will consist of 10 stages with few service areas. This season is therefore not only about true pace, but also about nurturing the car to the finish. Calendar The following calendar is in use for Season 2 of JOKR CHAMP. - 29 June - 5 July: Australia - 6 July - 12 July: Greece - 13 July - 19 July: Argentina - 20 July - 26 July: Finland - 27 July - 2 August: Poland - 3 August - 9 August: Germany Points System Drivers can score points in 3 different ways for the championship. The first way is by finishing in the top 10 in the overall standings after the last race of the round. You need to finish the round to be eligible to score these points. The second way is by finishing in the top 5 in one of the 10 races in each round. You only get points once for your best result in the round. The third way is by winning the most stages in a round. Additional Information Assists are allowed to be used in the championship. Once chosen a manufacturer and car you can not switch after. Join the Competition You can join the competition by joining our Discord: https://discord.gg/K7H3NuN For the full format, all details including stages, conditions, points system etc.: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LDKlSm-6ORHP3ujyST62hhCfu5i1oGbxjPij-2OPrQg/edit For more information please visit our website: https://jokrchamp.wordpress.com/rally-league-season-2/ Our Twitter: https://twitter.com/JOKRCHAMP
  3. JOKR CHAMP is a new series on PS4 in which drivers compete in rallycross races on DiRT Rally 2.0 with each other to earn the most points over the season. JOKR CHAMP is set up to be different from any series. In the first season we have 10 full time driver seats available. On top of that we aim at having several reserves to always guarantee full grids. We believe this way we can organize everything smoothly and provide quality racing knowing who you are racing with or against. Next to that we try to create interesting content around the competition and we livestream the racing on the channel QleenVigor Racing. Details System: PS4 Full Time seats left: 1 Reserve seats left: unlimited Time: Friday 18:30PM UK Time First Race: Coming Friday at Montalegre Experience needed to race: None, only know the basics of rallycross is appropriate enough Where to apply: @JOKRCHAMP on Twitter, simply message in private: https://twitter.com/JOKRCHAMP Owning DLC content is not necessary, although we have 2 races on DLC tracks. We'll attempt to organize practice sessions to accommodate this. All skill levels are welcome. If you're doubting or having any questions feel free to message us too!