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  1. Season 3 was pushed today to Stadia: https://www.gamenguides.com/articles/grid-update-3-03-patch-notes-63222/ https://updatecrazy.com/grid-update-version-3-03-changelog-details/
  2. Plus 4 here. I've been playing with friends on multiplayer and they all have this issue at some point in the race. I have a controller and this never happens, but I tried using the keyboard to see if this happens to me as well, and within 2-3 minutes it started happening. I tried to notice what's the pattern but I couldn't. I thought it was after crushing on other cars in the race, but as the video from @MattZrh shows, that's not the case. Remapping the keys works for a while until it breaks again for the new keys. I checked the network stats to see if lost packets are causing this, but i
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