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  1. UPDATE: Now recruiting for our second league!!
  2. Boppa12

    Looking for an xbox league

    Are you still looking for a league mate, ARL all looking for drivers of all skill levels, with flexible race dates and times, and the perfect opportunity to work your way up in league racing. Heres the discord: https://discord.gg/W3rcHKX And heres the website: https://arlf1.weebly.com/
  3. Boppa12

    Looking for a F1 league on Xbox

    I just started up a new league, UK based, accepting drivers of all skill levels, can be rewarding too Join our discord: https://discord.gg/MzwhZRJ
  4. Boppa12

    Beginning racing league USA

    Hello mate, I recently started a league based in the UK, however due to being a new league we are still finding times suitable for all our drivers, and we will make it suitable for you too, having drivers from similar time zones to you. We are very welcoming to drivers of all skill levels. If your interested join our discord: https://discord.gg/MzwhZRJ And visit our website: https://arlf1.weebly.com/
  5. We are based in the UK however due to being a new league, we have no current set times for events as we'd like to decide which times are in our drivers best interest
  6. Are you looking for a friendly, welcoming league where you can progress your skills? Then look no further... We are the Amateur Racing League, a newly founded league to help drivers of ALL SKILL LEVELS develop and compete in fair racing. We run a structure that will not only allow the best of the best to show of their talent but to also give developing drivers the opportunity to close in on that first league championship victory. In addition we host REWARDING events featuring a number of PRIZES including CASH PRIZES. This League is the perfect league for any drivers starting off in online league racing, and is just as perfect for quality drivers looking for some fierce competition. So become a member now! If you wish to join us please: 1. Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/DNhf6Mp 2. Sign up on the website: https://arlf1.weebly.com/leagues.html 3. (Optional) Feel free to contact me on discord for any questions you have (Boppa12#6408) or Xbox (Boppa12)