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  1. Looks like one of the reason these crashes maybe hardware problem. I got these errors every hour in game. Someday i catch random drivers crashes with BSOD when system just idle and once i didnt see one of my SSD in system. Now i try reconnect my HDD and SSD wires, because they are very strained. Also for sure i remove splitter (Akasa Flexa FP5) with 4 fans from 1-chasis motherboard connector and plag just 1 fan, remove 1 memory bar. And looks like trick with hard drives help me, because after 4+ hours i have no see these errors. Not sure in this solution, but who knows. Also can recommend dont overclock, remove unnecessary usb devices, disable second GPU (if it exists in device manager).
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    Error mesagge -GRID 2019

    Same problem. Interesting that in the previous posts mostly people have AMD proccesors. I have Ryzen 3600, maybe problem with multithreading or something. Where's game crashes logs folder?