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  1. Right I've had enough i have uninstalled the game that's me done and I'll tell you exactly why, the reason is this I'm there going into a corner then i get rammed and i get the penalty for absolutely naf all, all i was doing was turning into the corner and i was a few seconds in front of the other player what an absolute joke of a game THAT penalty needs a fix for the other players because I'm done with it uninstalled it, stay safe and take care anyways I'm finally done with it!
  2. KingOfKingsYNWA


    This happened online so I'm just sticking to single player and my career mode probably uninstall it soon, thanks for your replys Anyways!
  3. KingOfKingsYNWA


    It was on a straight when slip streaming it just slammed on!
  4. KingOfKingsYNWA

    f1 2019 - communicating with online services

    This happens a lot to me on pc/xbox 4/5 time's a day i have to reload the game it's pathetic!
  5. KingOfKingsYNWA


    I don't think these penalties are right in the game, I'm there catching up to the car in front and i caught up to it next thing it slams on and then i get the penalty and a warning wow ya ok what a load of ****!
  6. KingOfKingsYNWA

    List your 5 most recent enjoyed racing games

    Quick and simple pick any 5 of forza because there all good and codies doesn't fix their games!
  7. KingOfKingsYNWA

    Game servers!!!

    I play for an hour then the game crashes when connecting to the game server's on pc and on the Xbox, and I've posted the same issue's on F1 fb groups! I've totally had enough i think it's because of the latest update never buying a game from this company again! and i hope Microsoft gets the F1 license in the future look what they've done with their racing game's and codies doesn't give a **** about their games!
  8. This game keeps on crashing even more after the latest update on pc and on xbox (After an hour's play) i won't be buying anymore title's from this company and as far as the servers go well they are utter dawg ****!