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  1. There have been other threads about it. I tagged @PJTierney in the last one and no response. Maybe having the video will help.
  2. dtdogen

    Verbundsring pacenote missing

    Happened to me again today in the R5 Germany daily @PJTierney
  3. I was just showing up to say has seemed a lot better yesterday and today here in the US on Steam, glad to see a post confirming it's not just my imagination!
  4. USA- Steam - Failed to download challenge.
  5. US, Steam, Failed To Download Challenge e: also now just getting connection failed
  6. US, steam, can't connect. Been totally down for 30 minutes or so. Was ok this morning.
  7. dtdogen

    Verbundsring pacenote missing

    I've just started noticing this too (I actually made a facebook post of crashing an S4 with the caption "CREST AND WHAT, PHIL?!"), so I think it's a new problem.