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  1. OPgiSh0tz

    Remapping overtake button on XBone

    You have to enable the control setup, sometimes it sets it as default for some reason. I use A for overtake btw
  2. OPgiSh0tz

    The Worst Things Jeff Says to You

    When I'm minding my own business in like P7 and he says "Okay, we're in the top 10 now". Like Jeff, I ******* know, I've been in the top 10 the whole race!
  3. OPgiSh0tz

    How to drive 'Eau Rouge' (Spa)

    You can do it full throttle, it's easy.
  4. OPgiSh0tz

    Career mode car

    When I drove it, it seemed about .5 to a second down on the Merc but I could be wrong
  5. OPgiSh0tz

    Racing Rigs - Share Yours!

  6. OPgiSh0tz


    Wanna play? I got Xbox Don't know your time zone though, I'm EST.
  7. OPgiSh0tz

    Driver Number.

    My in game number is 56, but I (from memory) would've gone with 24 or 27. Edit: 24/27 because 2 & 4 added is 6, and 2 & 7 added is 9, which was the range of ages of some of my best days and memories. Also, 2, 4, and 7 are all numbers that have been related to really good moments in my life, and 7 is my "lucky" number I guess...
  8. OPgiSh0tz

    "Fancy" Xbox One controller

    If memory serves me correct, the paddles just act as the buttons they use (for example, one of the paddles that uses the A button, would only use A, not an extra button) so you can't have extra button mappings with paddles unfortunately.
  9. So in MyTeam, as we all know, the sponsors are fake for more freedom with the game. But, I was just thinking, why isn't Pirelli an automatically given sponsor? They could give you the same amount as the other teams, and the extra money could be used for something cool. Also, it would be nice to individually colour the sponsor decals, because sometimes they don't fit on certain colour/livery combos (resizing and repositioning would be nice, too). And being able to put your team logo on parts of the car, too, like the halo. For next year's game, I hope Codies will colour the sponsors they made with their own, so we could choose to keep them (like Ferrari) or colour them the way we want. But one last thing--why can't we have two different coloured gloves for each driver? Like if I wanted black gloves and my teammate to have white?
  10. OPgiSh0tz

    Pitcoins Missing | UPDATE HERE 04/08/2020

    I FaST Sh0tz I .......... Xbox One X
  11. OPgiSh0tz

    F1 2020 Strategy glitch

    I've been doing a lot of MyTeam, and when I start on mediums or hards, it shows that I started on softs and boxed for the starting tyre that I would be using. I haven't tried this in GP mode yet but I assume it's the same.
  12. OPgiSh0tz

    F1 2020 Leagues

    I joined some leagues from my friends, and they say that I own them with that yellow key symbol. Does anyone else have this problem?
  13. OPgiSh0tz

    Audio is weird

    I have done this already, but when I ask for fuel, for example, he is quiet (10 volume). It seems okay in MyTeam, though, but I still haven't heard him automatically tell me anything in Grand Prix mode.
  14. OPgiSh0tz

    F1 2020 ERS harvesting

    Just wondering, is the ERS supposed to always be on medium? I've never seen it change, and have never seen any AI or myself have the harvesting lights on the wing light up. Is this how it is supposed to be? EDIT: I've now seen one AI have the harvesting lights on.
  15. OPgiSh0tz

    Audio is weird

    So in F1 2020 (I'm on Xbox), the audio is weird. You can hear the audience cheering and it's way too loud. You can also hear the engines of other cars going by on some other parts of the track, which is annoying and unrealistic. And sometimes the audio of the engine just goes quiet, then comes back. And last of all, it's very hard to hear Jeff. Does anyone know how to fix this?