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  1. Does anyone on Xbox have their corrupted My Team saves fixed? The patch notes said they would be given back but I still don't have them yet.
  2. A detailed description of the issue. In Single Player Career, I have three My Team save slots. Choosing any save slot brings me to only one save. There is no way to get into the other saves. The day before this, I could select two save slots and they would both work fine, except for my first save slot (the first one I made), which when I selected it, it would bring me into the most recently played save I had done. Report Code CVKT-XXGH-JPSR-GMEG Platform? Xbox One X Game-mode? Single Player Career, My Team
  3. Is anyone else having a bug where if you fast forward the time in qualifying it makes the AI qualify faster even if they aren't on track? I am having this issue, Matsushita was 4 tenths behind me and in the garage when I fast forwarded the time by 15 seconds to end quali, and he ends up qualifying one tenth ahead of me? (He wasn't even doing a lap)
  4. So I currently have three My Team saves, one left off in FP1 Bahrain. I have been doing my third save (currently on France), and when I tried to open my first save (FP1 Bahrain), it loads into my third save instead. I'm not too worried because I haven't done much but it is concerning.
  5. This is happening to my brother. It's quite annoying actually
  6. There should be an option to start from F2 like in career mode but for MyTeam, so there could be 12 teams in F2
  7. The 2021 multiplayer car better have an engine choice, I hate having to run only Mercedes all the time. There should also be teams for custom cars and classic cars
  8. Yeah just noticed this and now it's annoying me lol
  9. You have to enable the control setup, sometimes it sets it as default for some reason. I use A for overtake btw
  10. When I'm minding my own business in like P7 and he says "Okay, we're in the top 10 now". Like Jeff, I ******* know, I've been in the top 10 the whole race!
  11. You can do it full throttle, it's easy.
  12. When I drove it, it seemed about .5 to a second down on the Merc but I could be wrong
  13. My in game number is 56, but I (from memory) would've gone with 24 or 27. Edit: 24/27 because 2 & 4 added is 6, and 2 & 7 added is 9, which was the range of ages of some of my best days and memories. Also, 2, 4, and 7 are all numbers that have been related to really good moments in my life, and 7 is my "lucky" number I guess...
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