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  1. GTPLeGeNd1

    Around the globe Achievement

    No need to waste your time going round in circles guys, there is a way to "autodrive" the car. Only drawback is you have to come back every 2.5 hour or so to restart the race, but better than wasting your life driving around ovals for a stupid trophy. Devs clearly don't care anymore about this game. I came back after learning a similar achievement in DIRT was patched because of the silly requirements, so it's definitely not a technical issue preventing them from doing it. There's also the even sillier Two Wheels milestone, and the fact that some liveries cannot be unlocked. I've messaged CMTGK about it but just got ignored. I've bought TOCA, CMR1/2, DIRT1/2/3, DR1/2, GRID1/2/3/4, F1 2010...but it stops here. Hope the Take Two takeover goes well guys, you'll need it 😉
  2. Thanks for dropping by. I can't remember any big hill near the pit exit in Reverse. Near the pit entry there is a slope on the grass on the right, but it's too gradual to use as a launchpad. That's the thing about this achievement though - it's very hard to get it consistently deliberately, which makes the requirements for level 2&3 quite ridiculous. I got level 1 just by grinding airtime at San Fran, but level 2/3 is just so far off. Would you be able to ask the devs if this is not a mistake on their part? This guy apparently has it, but I sent him a message on PSN asking how and he never replied... ------------------- Finally, any answers for the non-unlockable liveries in my first post? EDIT: Forget it. Got my plat. I'm done with this game. Devs don't care anymore and neither should I.
  3. Oof sorry mate. I mistyped that. The only ones I had remaining are Two Wheels level 2/3. Corrected all my posts now. I got Two Wheels level 1 just by accident here and there getting Airtime at the San Fran track. I couldn't find a way to do it reliably either. Sometimes you just take off the jumps a little sideways and it registers. I tried Havana with its high kerbs, also tried the Sydney track's notorious chicane, but couldn't get it everytime. It's a stupid milestone anyway so I'm not gonna waste my life trying to get it. I'd love to see one of the devs try to explain and get it themselves.
  4. GTPLeGeNd1

    Milestone advice?

    Don't think you get airtime when you flip over completely. As you said it's only when you do little jumps or hops over the track. Getting up on 2 wheels is another milestone entirely but I find that one very hard to get consistently. No way to track drifts and near misses. You just have to keep at it and one day it will unlock. I got near misses just from playing career mode (trick is don't qualify so you have more cars to pass). For drifts I made a huge post about it here: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/49680-airtimedrift-milestones-non-unlockable-liveries/ Drafting easy way to farm, just set 99 laps (or whatever length you have time for) Indy Oval with Mini. It's a slow car so you'll be able to stay behind someone easily. If you're about to overtake them just let off the gas so you stay behind them and keep farming the time. IIRC even if the XP meter fills up the time still counts, but if you crash it doesn't. I agree the milestones section are not very well thought out. No trackers for most of them and very grindy. Apart from the 2 wheels one I got all of them though so it's possible. The grind for Around The Globe trophy is way way worse.
  5. Final update to the first post. Finally gotten all milestones now except for Two Wheels level 2/3. As expected, I still have a few liveries that are locked and unaccounted for. Also the game just had an update today (adding support for Logitech TrueForce and 5 new Logitech liveries). Amazing how the devs can get off their backside when advertising dollars are involved, but cannot even answer questions on their own forums. Anyway, thanks to all the grinding I'm at 13000 km now. Still barely a third of the way to ATG trophy but someone found a way to do it AFK so I'm gonna use that instead.
  6. ^Yes they probably planned it. But if the game had been more successful they probably would have considered supporting it longer. Just look at DR 2, I think it got up to a year of extra content. Granted, GRID has always been the least popular of the 3 main franchises (F1/DIRT/GRID), so getting a long support was always unlikely, but I was still hoping. Good thing I bought this super cheap on sale, because it really doesn't worth the full price even with all DLC included. Moving forward I will do the same with every Codies game unless they show a change in behaviour. They're just as bad as EA at this point. And even worse they started buying other studios and ruining them (Evo Studios and now SMS with PCARS3). Very sad to see what has become of this studio. Not that anyone from the dev team will actually care or read this anyway. On a more positive note, I updated the first post with some more tips to get the drift milestones. Hope it helps those trying to complete it.
  7. I made a thread about it here. I'm doing San Fran Full Reverse with the V8 Supercars (Super Touring in game I believe) for airtime. As for 2 wheels, still haven't found an easy way to get it. This achievement is a dud, just like the ATW trophy.
  8. Thanks for the reply CMAlexS. I suspected that's the case but it's still difficult to do one or the other consistently. I get power drifts easier but as most of the cars are not designed for long drifts powerslides are a bit more difficult to get. I'm halfway through the airtime challenge now (13 mins) and my 2 wheel time has also gone up to 8 seconds just by accident here and there at San Fran. If you take off the jump slightly sideways sometimes it registers as 2 wheels. I think I'll get to 10 seconds, but the last 2 amounts are just too ridiculous for me. I still maintain by my original post that these achievements are not very well thought out by the devs given the type of game that Grid is. Maybe in Dirt, but not Grid. Anyway, sad to hear that support is ending. Seems this game was designed with minimal effort to test the waters for a Grid game, and seeing how poorly sales are they just decided to abandon it. With PCARS 3 pivoting to a more arcade experience and SMS is now under Codemasters, I suspect we won't see a Grid game for a long while.
  9. Hi all, new to the forums here, but long time GRID player since the first one on PS3 and even played TOCA on PS1 back in the day. I've finished all the races in career mode, and the only remaining trophy left is the infamous "Around The Globe". Since I was still at 8000 km, I thought I might make the grind more interesting than just going round ovals by attempting to complete all the remaining objective milestones. IMO, some of these objectives are out of place since we don't have dedicated drift events/cars and this is a circuit racing game, not rallycross. But anyway, here are some tips I discovered while trying to get them. Hopefully someone finds this useful. - Airtime - San Francisco GP reverse is best. You can get about around 5 seconds per lap with a fast enough car. So far I found the Super Touring (V8 Supercar) works well. It's fast enough to build up speed and doesn't have too much downforce so it can fly longer, plus it's heavy so it lands quite stable. It's also good for getting the drifting milestones below because the track has lots of 90 degree corners. Car setup: gear/spring/damper/rollbar max left, brake bias middle except as noted below. - Braking Drift - put brake bias max rear, brake and keep braking during turn in to register this. - Feint Drift - release the brake a bit early (so you don't trigger this as braking drift), turn opposite to the corner and back into the corner quickly (if you're used to rallying you'll get it easily). - Power Drift - brake early again, overslow the car, get on the gas slightly and just before you hit apex do a quick lift off the gas and back on again. - Powerslide - this took me a while to figure out, but the differentiating factor with power drift is you CANNOT let off the gas completely + your drift has to start AFTER the apex. So brake early, hold about half gas and after you clip the apex, mash full gas. With this method I get about 50% success rate. Car setup change: gear one click left from middle, damper max right. I find if you stay in 4th gear it also increases the chance of getting it (3rd gear is too short so you hit rev limiter before getting any slide). The Camaro works better than the Ford/Holden for this. - Two Wheels (my BIGGEST problem) - who on earth thinks this is a good idea, and why are the requirements so high??? I've read using classic cars or F1000 at Havana is a good method, but it only gives a split second and there are not a lot of kerbs that are high enough to get you up on 2 wheels. Can any of the developers step forward and explain the rationale behind this objective, or are they just trolling us? Even after completing all the other objectives, I'm only at 20 seconds by getting it here and there accidentally. Not going to attempt to complete level 2&3 because it's just dumb. -------------- Next and somewhat related: the issue of livery unlocks. I noticed on the objectives page that the purple icons correlate to new liveries. Currently I only have 1 purple icon left (Two Wheels level 3), but I counted in garage I have 5 liveries that are still locked. I've done every career race, got all trophies and reached max prestige level (red "G" icon instead of numbers), and I still have legendary liveries that are still locked. Any devs want to share how to unlock the remaining 4 that are unaccounted for? I listed them below. Heritage 70, Heritage 71, Urban 30, Custom 4, Tuner 4 I suspect we are actually missing a whole prestige level because I've only gone through 4x99 level blocks (multicoloured level numbers > bronze > silver > gold > red G). According to this reddit post and wiki there should be FIVE blocks: https://www.reddit.com/r/gridgame/comments/dj229g/3rd_prestige_200_levels_to_go/ https://grid-2019.fandom.com/wiki/GRID Alternatively, they are being saved for possible Season 4 milestones, but since we never got them they will remain locked forever... -------------- Second issue, on the garage thumbnail currently my game always shows that I have 1 new livery (number with orange "!" besides it on top right). I've gone through every car and every livery and cleared all the new unlocks, but I can't get rid of the [1!]. Is this a bug or is there a phantom livery somewhere that I missed?