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  1. For me this solved the problem.. Quote from steams forum 🙂
  2. Just to summarize: Have all the GROUP A (or B) cars (one piece of each). Start carrier championship with one of GROUP A (B) cars (Say, Lancia). Start the first stage, but return to the main menu. Go to the garage and buy one new piece of GROUP A (B) car, if you went into the championship with Lancia, pick Lancia. Two things may happen here - nothing or car will account towards the achievement. If it's not unlocked yet - simply restart championship - it's an option in championships menu. Don't worry, it won't suspend your rank or anything, it will reset the progress of the championship you just started, so no harm is done. Repeat the whole process with the next car of a given group, until you covered them all. For me this solved the trouble, I was actually stuck with GROUP B achievement at 3/5 although I had at one point 3 sets of GROUP B cars. Sen ast ändrad av Zenithie's (ZbP); 13 maj, 2019 @ 20:53Sor Solved The problem for me.. Taken from steams forum..
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    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    Sweden now by Steam on a weakly event 😞