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  1. Jordutchy

    Podium Pass Season 3

    Dissapointing, they could have atleast sent out a tweet saying it was going to be next week but oh well..
  2. Jordutchy

    Podium Pass Season 3

    Last time they announced a few days before it was going to take longer, this time they haven't said anything about it so I expect it tomorrow
  3. Jordutchy

    Is My Team too easy?

    MyTeam is definitely too easy, the Ai is too which makes it worse. I go into GP mode per track in the Alpha Tauri to compare my pace to my teammate (Kvyat has 80 race pace I believe) so it's somewhat average. Then I go into MyTeam and up it by 2 points and for the race by another 2 and it's till too easy, the Ai just can't overtake somehow. A few days ago I restarted and got up to China, being the worst car on the grid I finished P8. I had a big train behind me but they couldn't overtake because I used ERS in the right areas and running slightly less downforce, I did the race on 107 difficulty. Could have upped it by 1 more because I was a second faster than my teammate (Matsushita) but he has low pace so I expect myself to be faster than him. In terms of the MyTeam mode itself, you can have a fully upgraded car and facilities at the end of season 3 and you can even win the championship in season 2. Regulation changes every season make it even easier because once you have that fully upgraded car you only have to spent R&D points on that and you will easily get enough R&D throughout a season to be able to adapt everything while the Ai is not and goes down in performance massively. One of the things I am hoping Codemasters will add into the next game is different types of front and rear wings, for example on Monza the teams are running much lower wings than on a track like Monaco which will be higher. I would suggest 5 different types of front and rear wings just like the 5 default preset setups we have in the game and then being able to upgrade each front and rear wing individually to add much more to be upgraded in that aspect atleast. Which would also result in trying out many different setups etc that would make practise more interesting too.
  4. Especially when a track is improving from wet weather, I saw in Tiametmarduk's video that it was heavy rain at the start of Qualifying (don't remember which one) and everyone went out on Wets. When the track improved there were only a few that went out on Inters while everyone should have been out on Inters, could this be looked into as well? @BarryBL
  5. Jordutchy

    Is this upgrade in My Team a bug or working as intended?

    You don't? You only have to pay full price the first time, then discounted (don't know exactly how much) to 'repair' it and only 50% of the price to adapt it.
  6. Jordutchy

    Is this upgrade in My Team a bug or working as intended?

    Exactly, because you bought it before the regulation change. It's weird I know but just the way it is unfortunately, it's not that much resource points though.
  7. Jordutchy

    Is this upgrade in My Team a bug or working as intended?

    You build it before the regulation change, then when you have to pay for it again you pay for the one that failed so the one before the regulation change. Then after you have to spent more to adapt it, unlucky timing.
  8. Jordutchy

    Patch 1.09 and Patch 1.10 | Patch Notes

    I just loaded up a GP race with formation lap on and saw them weaving quite a bit
  9. Jordutchy

    Patch 1.09 and Patch 1.10 | Patch Notes

    I can confirm they do!
  10. @BarryBL Here it is A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. When trying to select certain numbers it skips some of them. Platform Xbox One X. What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 1.09 Game-mode? Customisation We need to be able to make your problem happen internally so we can fix the issue. Can you make the problem happen again? Yes, I reloaded the game several times and it keep happening. How do you make the problem happen? Just by changing the slider. What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue Reloading the game, didn't fix it. What peripherals are you are using (gamepad, wheel make & model etc) Controller. Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears. Added a video. F1_2020.mp4
  11. Jordutchy

    Patch 1.09 and Patch 1.10 | Patch Notes

    Working on it now, just need the video to upload so I can submit it.
  12. Jordutchy

    Patch 1.09 and Patch 1.10 | Patch Notes

    I already noticed not every number is there when using the color slide, is this intentional or a bug?
  13. Jordutchy

    1.09 is out [PC]

    It's also live on Xbox for people wondering!
  14. Jordutchy

    Is My Team too easy?

    To me, it is way too easy. I've said this before in another thread but we need more options in the game to suit everyones needs. We all play the game differently, for example some people like to have a championship winning car in season 3 and some want to work hard and only have it in season 8. I also feel like there should just be more upgrades available and make the impact of major/ultimate upgrades less significant. Same goes for the facilities, once you have everything fully upgraded the money just keeps coming in and you have nothing to spent it on.
  15. Jordutchy

    MyTeam...long time motivation and future improvements

    I haven't raced in a league since F1 2015 because the people from that league were almost just like any other lobby and was also badly organised. I know there's many leagues out there and things might and most likely will be different but still, I don't think I want to be committed and be there every single time. I like the fact I can just race whenever I want right now, I usually just do a GP race at any track/distance I feel like doing at that moment.