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  1. I did finish, although the car was pretty beat up and had no power left 😂
  2. Evilsmurf

    Hello all, Codemasters newbie here!

    Congrats! Was surprised to hear Christina was leaving, but happy to see the job going to a community member! Now. Once you get settled in and sorted... we need to a have a long chat about the iconic Vauxhall Nova and its lack of appearance in the DiRT franchise....
  3. Evilsmurf

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    No idea. The dudes Welsh! 😆 and on the scooby used a Welsh flag lol
  4. Evilsmurf

    How to get refund

  5. Evilsmurf

    WRC 8 Livestream

    the 100 stages is probably still just 1 or 2 long stages per country, chopped up and ran in different directions, with the spectator stages thrown in. Still good! but nothing to get over excited about. I'll still be picking it up as I've enjoyed the last 2 games, and this one looks like an improvement again.
  6. Evilsmurf

    Test Footage of the Patch Beta Leaked!!!

    I'm playing on a PS4 pro, with a 32" monitor. Crystal clear here. Don't own a 4k TV, and if I did, the wife would be watching it anyway 😂
  7. Evilsmurf

    Any chance to get a new GRID/TOCA game?

    I normally hide out in the DiRT section, but I also enjoy a good Grid game. Would be pretty cool to have something new in the series to play. At the moment, GT Sport is my go to game for track racing.
  8. Evilsmurf

    DIRT rally 2.0 is'nt a simulator !

    👌 Thanks for stopping by to let us know!
  9. or you could just wait for it to be on sale. You have a choice.
  10. Evilsmurf

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Could be they fixed the ice and snowy parts of the track this time, so you can't just go flat out over these sections anymore. Please let this be true!
  11. Evilsmurf

    Absolutely unplayable

    If only someone had told me that little nugget of information 20 years ago...😆
  12. Evilsmurf

    Absolutely unplayable

    He sounds like a serious guy! He can even quote consumer rights law! He sounds like a right hoot at parties...
  13. Playing on PC and PS4. No issues here...
  14. Evilsmurf

    Absolutely unplayable

    Image is fine mate. obviously your all tripping...