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  1. Evilsmurf

    Show Off Your Replays

    22/02/19 Scooby daily, PS4
  2. Evilsmurf

    Show Off Your Replays

    Todays daily.
  3. Evilsmurf

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Review Thread

    Think the last review I read was for Colin McRae Rally 5 😆 And in all fairness, that was only because the magazine came with a free demo disc that had the demo version of CMR5 on it.
  4. Evilsmurf

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Review Thread

    And this is why I have never used review sites 😂 I'm sure some are good, but most are ducking clueless
  5. Evilsmurf

    Show Off Your Replays

    PC version. https://youtu.be/9_kfY3peIYo
  6. Evilsmurf

    USB Handbrake

    Having spent some time looking a few years back, you are going to struggle to find one much cheaper I'm afraid. My clubsport one stopped being recognised on my PS4 after DiRT Rally (D4 didn't recognise it at all) So at the moment it is not being used as my pc is in another room and not hooked up to my Obutto set up... It's looking like I'll have to sell some body parts to fund one of the massively over priced Thrustmaster units...
  7. Evilsmurf

    Change the RED forum Background to...

    someone get this man a beer!
  8. Evilsmurf

    USB Handbrake

    Does anyone have one/use one? best option's for around £100?
  9. Evilsmurf

    Show Off Your Replays

    Some fun in the 205 T16, trying out a new setup. https://youtu.be/yC88Hyba4TM