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  1. "looks around... nope. Nothing to see here."
  2. Car was in the bin before the end of shakedown... another 3 punctures on stage 1 and it was game over for me lol
  3. I'm 4 minutes behind everyone with no spins and no issues at all...😂
  4. Sitting last at the moment. The good thing about that is I can't get any lower down the table 🤔
  5. I'm on PS4 and never had a issue with changing spare wheels
  6. Will try do a few more events this time around, also switching to PS4 under the name evilsmurf1976.
  7. I'll try giving Germany a go later, but have damaged some muscle and tendons in my arm so not sure how well I will get on with steering.
  8. 2 rolls, half a dozen spins and a puncture. Overall, not a bad rally for me 🙂
  9. People practice! I just turn up and drive 🤣. I'm going to try and drive a bit more, but I don't need any "home work" lol Fair play to those that put in that kind of effort 👍
  10. Got my run in last night. Pretty happy with it. Not knowing the stages inside out didn't help with the braking, lost a lot of time as I had no idea were the ice would be. Now the games finished, I'll put more time into it and hopefully gain that "local knowledge"
  11. I finished! 😁 puncture on stage 5 and a car that looked like something from MadMax. but it got me to the end.
  12. Servers seem to be ******, not sure I'll get a run in as I don't want to waste 30 minutes just for the servers to crash again and loose all my progress 30 minutes... who am I kidding, I'll of DNF'ed well before that time 🤣
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