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    DiRT Rally Championship Round 3 - Wolverine Rally

    Name:Evilsmurf Team:ESR Stage 1 Time:2:51.211 Stage 2 Time:2:37.114 Stage 3 Time:1:22.657
  2. Evilsmurf

    DiRT videos

    I have found that the Youtube embedding doesn't work under Internet Explorer. It works fine in Chrome. Here is my latest Dirt 3 video. I was really pleased with my Trailblazer run. Thanks, i'll try that :) Nope. still no joy....I'll get my coat. Think I need to step away from the internet before I break it :))
  3. Evilsmurf

    DiRT videos

    Found my old Colin Mcrae 04 game :) *edit Still cant get it to work
  4. Evilsmurf

    DiRT videos

    can someone tell me how to add a youtube video here? I suck at this :(
  5. Evilsmurf

    DiRT - Career Playthrough

    Do tell?
  6. Evilsmurf

    DiRT Rally Championship Round 2 - Safari Rally

    My times Name: Evilsmurf Team: ESR Stage 1 Time: 2:37.395 Stage 2 Time: 2:20.701 Stage 3 Time: 3:05.411
  7. Evilsmurf

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    CM4 I think
  8. Evilsmurf

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Monte would be great in the next game, it was a lot of fun on the ice and snow :D
  9. Evilsmurf

    DiRT Rally Championship Round 1 - Forest Rally

    Need to work on my Trailblazer as it's a mode I never play. I did set myself a rule that I would only do 5 runs of each stage...otherwise I would be at it all week.
  10. Evilsmurf

    DiRT Rally Championship

    Would love to, but got kid's so can't get on till 9pm Good luck and have fun :)
  11. Evilsmurf

    What do you use to play DiRT?

    PC with G27
  12. Evilsmurf

    DiRT Rally Championship Round 1 - Forest Rally

    Name: Team:Stage 1 Time:2.27:801 Stage 2 Time:2.33:195Stage 3 Time:2.51:078 special thanks to justbiglee for teaching me "how not to be a noob at posting pic's :) )
  13. Evilsmurf

    DiRT Rally Championship

    Solo Team name: ESR A team logo: N/A The name of competetor: Evilsmurf Plarform: PC Livestream: no thanks
  14. Evilsmurf

    Grid Autosport

    Look's great  =D> Do we get our hands on a demo anytime soon to see if it drives as good as it look's :-? Hope it does as I need something to keep me going till the next dirt game arrives.
  15. Evilsmurf

    DiRT Forum Competition - The Setup

    Cool, all I need now is a team mate... Looking for mature mate who enjoys short drives in the countryside, silly games and the occasional crowded drive round in circles. Interested parties pm me :)
  16. Evilsmurf

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Don't recognise it from dirt3 or 2... But it does look like fun :)
  17. Evilsmurf

    DiRT videos

    Thanx for the fix..I'm a noob at this web stuff
  18. Evilsmurf

    DiRT videos

    Old monty vid. Edit. cant get youtube link to show up http://youtu.be/Zj1y7OwaUq8 :-S
  19. Evilsmurf

    DiRT Forum Competition - The Setup

    I'm in Dirt 2 or 3 for pc
  20. Evilsmurf

    Idea WRC Ultimate rallyteam explained

    I'm loving the sound of that. That game would be the best rally/rallycross game ever and I would be happy to pay a monthly sub for that. iracing for the rally people :)