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  1. 12 hours ago, Janneman60 said:

    If you quit after a stage and not on service you probably get a very beaten car at restart, some stupid bug.

    Get used to hards??? I did the 3 stages to service on softs, no problem.

    My problem was a flat tyre on ss1 😎

    I'll need to try a smoother driving approach. I ran hards for both long legs of the rally and they were absolutely done by the time I got to both services. I also find the softs puncture to easily when I hit the edges of the stage. I do that a lot 🤣 

  2. Having a issue with the original Fanatec usb handbrake. It has been working fine up until now. With it configured as I've always had it, the car wont move, I can accelerate and change gears but the car never moves from the start line. Once I unbind it in the options, the car will behave as normal. 

    Any ideas?

    Edit: Also, when I bind the handbrake to it, it now shows up as a steering axis (I get the picture of a steering wheel next to it) rather than axis x