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  1. Having a issue with the original Fanatec usb handbrake. It has been working fine up until now. With it configured as I've always had it, the car wont move, I can accelerate and change gears but the car never moves from the start line. Once I unbind it in the options, the car will behave as normal. 

    Any ideas?

    Edit: Also, when I bind the handbrake to it, it now shows up as a steering axis (I get the picture of a steering wheel next to it) rather than axis x

  2. 2 hours ago, BloodCat said:

    Anyone else noticed that the flag next to Phil Mills' name is the flag of England on some liveries but Union Jack on others? Is there a particular reason for that?

    No idea. The dudes Welsh! 😆 and on the scooby used a Welsh flag lol

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  3. the 100 stages is probably still just 1 or 2 long stages per country, chopped up and ran in different directions, with the spectator stages thrown in.

    Still good! but nothing to get over excited about. I'll still be picking it up as I've enjoyed the last 2 games, and this one looks like an improvement again.

  4. 9 hours ago, Rallystu2 said:

    I'm just waiting for the protectors of codemasters to come out and say that it's our eyes that are wonky, and not the image itself.

    Why can't Codemasters just align panels properly? I'm expecting a full refund of my deluxe edition content. Thanks for making this an issue I can jump on @pigloaf

    Image is fine mate. obviously your all tripping...