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  1. tbtstt said:
    Are Car Throttle being paid to talk up the new Seb Loeb game?...


    ...crap article, particularly the segment where they list several circuit cars as cars in the game. Oh and "while the rest of the world was losing faith in the DiRT franchise"? What little they know...  ;) 
    My favourite quote:
    We can at least expect the Audi R8 LMS Ultra, Citroën C-Elysée WTCC and Porsche 911 GT3 Cup cars to show up in the game.

    I'm no motorsport and car specialist, but I don't think the above cars are made for rally or rallycross...
    Yeah... i'm not to sure the people at Car Throttle know much about rally or rallycross if they think those cars are for off road use.

  2. Hi @SlimCharles, welcome to the forum.

    Can I ask you to go to options/controls then select "choose Preset" (should be 3rd option down) you should have two options at this point "keyboard or "Logic3 usb wheel)" make sure you have your wheel selected as the default controller,. this should then allow you to go into the advanced wheel settings and change the dead zone.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Synck said:
    Synck said:
    Never thought I would see another Dirt game ;D Been around since the first Colin Mcrae Rally and still own one. 

    I feel like alot of people have said this but less arcade and more rally? I'm guessing that it will be too much to ask for because the game would be too hard and not pleasing to non-simmers. There are more or less only arcade like rally games and the WRC games started off bad and gone worse. 

    You will be pleasantly surprised then ;)
    Sadly I'm not easily pleased or surprised because there can always be more ;)

    I'd like to see punctures, tire changes  during stages, different tire choices and tire wear etc. Perhaps car damage problems and fixes before next stage? Driving is not the only thing which matters during a SS. Would be nice to see some SSS as well.

    Feel like the car is the most important thing. Doesn't really matter what other fancy stuff are implemented if it's unplayable. Some one has to finally make a rally game that can get close to one that is almost 11 years old. 

    I still play the one that is near 11 years old, I've played all the Colin McRae's/ Dirt's and I've had a sneak peek at this one.

    I think they might just surprise you this time...

  4. I don't see it as competition as such, just more games to play :)

    I'm sure I'll have my favourite but until I play them all I cant say which one it will be.

    Accetto Corsa (already own)

    Pcars (pre ordered today)

    Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo

    New WRC game?

    New Dirt game?

    Wife's going to kill me the amount of games I'll be buying, But fun times for the driving nut!!

  5. Evilsmurf said:
    EDIT: Ohhh and me and Paul had a meeting with some people about a thing which I can't talk about but... no I can't talk about it sorry :P

    Well that's gossip right their!

    I wonder what the thing is...and how the meeting went?

    Gossip away...

    Still no one got any gossip on this?

    OK I'll start. I think Ken Block has dumped EA and signed a gymkhana licence with codemasters! Because we all love gymkhana.

    No? Haha.

  6. tbtstt said:
    tbtstt said:
    789ifyz said:
    789ifyz said:
    As I predicted, I did have a car by the today (23rd) (bought it on Saturday, insurance started today (23rd))

    Also as predicted, I have Uni today, and if I didn't, there's something else I'd be having to do, so I still wouldn't be able or allowed to come over.

    @evilsmurf @Rallycameraman @RallyDriven @GentleNameMVB @justbiglee @ThierryNeuville , have fun, you guys!

    @anyone-who-didn't-get-to-go hopefully our wait won't be too long now... looking forward to August.
    Has august been confirmed? 
    No it's just gossip, and I don't think the exact release date would be known already half a year before release.
    True, but we should at least get something by then. Unless 128 means something else, of course, but still, looking forward to some real info (and perhaps a demo/beta?)
    I'm still hoping that 128 is May 1st!
    You thinking about the DiRT 3 May release theory? do you know which month DiRT 1 & 2 were released?
    If my maths are right, May 1st is the 128th day of the year!

    (and DiRT 2 was released 10th September 2009, DiRT 3 was 24th May 2011).
    Guy's, I finally found out about the enigma that is "128" during my day with the DiRT team...But the NDA is killing me man.

  7. Just finished a run through of Colin McRae 3 and discovered a few things that would be cool in the next game.
    1. I like that once you finish the stage you only see the time's of the people ahead of you in the road order.
    2. The weather effects are cool, the thunder and lighting in Japan especially are awesome.
    3. The different stage surfaces and the tyre's you pick can make a huge difference.
    4. Rally Japan! Bring it back, it's awesome.

    Off to play through 2005 now, see if I find anything else.