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  1. Cool, was panicking thinking I had missed an important announcement.

    My personal view (and to some degree I hope I'm wrong) is that the next dirt will at best be cross-generation title for although ps4 may have sold 10 mill and probably around the same figure for the xbox one their are still around the same amount, if not more ps3's and xbox 360's around that they would be silly to miss out on sales. I think the new dirt will be for ps3 and xbox 360 with the next title being next gen. 

    The other thing I'm unsure of is just how much more powerful the next gen consoles are over the current crop? I would say the next gen consoles are still 3-4 years behind a medium to high spec PC and giving the new dirt content "wish list" I doubt even the next gen consoles could cope with it. Sure the graphics for the next gen look better but is the memory and cpu power up to task for copping with a living deforming rally stage, dynamic weather or even a stage longer than 5 mins ? I'm not so sure.

  2. gfRally said:
    https://twitter.com/justbiglee/status/489489832557965312 I don't know wether this has anything to do with the above WRC stuff, but maybe CM was bidding on or pitching for the franchise and didn't work out. I don't know, the tweet doesn't sound positive.
    As much as I enjoy reading your guys wild theories I can't help but feel like I should chip in on this one and maybe explain it a little.

    That tweet is a good thing, the presentation was one an outside company came in and did just made me think differently about everything I'd been working on for the last month or so (probably longer) and the things I was thinking of doing in the future. Just made me question if they were fun and interesting enough and also a little about how I kind of manage my time/whats important at work.

    So don't worry was nothing bad, just my own little epiphany.
    I may be an usual customer as it's likely as I'd follow any release format and buy most of DLC. A subscription format with new stages/locations/cars/modes/challenges/extensions would very much appeal to me and in case of off-road is there anything decent out there doing it that way?

    +1 for this

  3. In Game

    Nightstages Dirt 3

    Staggered starts Dirt 3

    Service and set up after 2 stages CMR 04

    Upgraded parts mini game CMR4 and 5

    Longer and more stages (all CMR games)

    Game modes

    career mode 2WD (s1600 and F2000) CMR1/2 I think 4WD and group B CMR4

    Rallycross Dirt 2/3

    Rally with a full WRC/ERC style program


    CMR4 menu was good.

  4. If you are playing with a steering wheel, don't use rear view (I used rear view with a pad before I got a steering wheel).

    Use bonnet cam or cockpit view with a wheel and it's so much better once you get used to it, a couple hours in either view and you will soon get used to it.

    If you have to use rear view then best advise I can give is plug your game pad back in, their are a few round here use a 360 pad for playing and are faster than a lot of the wheel users.

  5. Evilsmurf said:

    +1 for more ERC tracks.

    Or some WRC tracks ofcourse ;-)
    yay you're back! Where you been man?
    @justbiglee Crying in a corner sinds my last D.N.F. in the ELE rally here in the Netherlands...... really not my rally season this year....
    Flashbacks please in real world rallying xD

    Do what I did. Sell the car and replace it with a G27 and obutto ozone and wait for Dirt 4

    Much cheaper


    (Also, two kids swallow up all my Autocross money :((  )