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  1. If you are playing with a steering wheel, don't use rear view (I used rear view with a pad before I got a steering wheel).

    Use bonnet cam or cockpit view with a wheel and it's so much better once you get used to it, a couple hours in either view and you will soon get used to it.

    If you have to use rear view then best advise I can give is plug your game pad back in, their are a few round here use a 360 pad for playing and are faster than a lot of the wheel users.

  2. Evilsmurf said:

    +1 for more ERC tracks.

    Or some WRC tracks ofcourse ;-)
    yay you're back! Where you been man?
    @justbiglee Crying in a corner sinds my last D.N.F. in the ELE rally here in the Netherlands...... really not my rally season this year....
    Flashbacks please in real world rallying xD

    Do what I did. Sell the car and replace it with a G27 and obutto ozone and wait for Dirt 4

    Much cheaper


    (Also, two kids swallow up all my Autocross money :((  )

  3. Slightly off topic but are the dirti devs planning another test group day for this game like they did for GAS

    Would be tempted to make the 6 hour drive for a look at this and give some feedback, could even be tempted to stay over night and go for a beer or 3 with justbiglee and the crew