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  1. Slightly off topic but are the dirti devs planning another test group day for this game like they did for GAS

    Would be tempted to make the 6 hour drive for a look at this and give some feedback, could even be tempted to stay over night and go for a beer or 3 with justbiglee and the crew


  2. Avenga76 said:
    Evilsmurf said:

    Found my old Colin Mcrae 04 game :)

    *edit Still cant get it to work

    I have found that the Youtube embedding doesn't work under Internet Explorer. It works fine in Chrome.

    Here is my latest Dirt 3 video. I was really pleased with my Trailblazer run.

    Thanks, i'll try that :)

    Nope. still no joy....I'll get my coat.

    Think I need to step away from the internet before I break it