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  1. dgeesi0 said:
    well Paul coleman has just anounced hes leaving :'(

    Think we can all agree, @Kickup has always pushed to bring us the best virtual rally experience he could.
    Good luck mate, and all the best.  

  2. bogani said:
    Dytut said:
    @urgaffel , we need a Swedish perspective on the snacks. Are they better than kexchoklad?
    As if. Kexchoklad is the shieeet.

    Obviously the words from someone who has never tried a Tunnocks Tea cake, or you would clearly know that the tea cake wins hands down. 

  3. gRally guys are tweeting lateely ,and their game ,based on RBR is coming this year.Hope its good 


    It's using the "Unity" engine. And so far, other than being a Rally game, It's nothing like RBR.
    To be fair, the guys doing it are passionate, hard working and fully committed to producing the best version of a virtual Rally game they can.

  4. SamRWD said:
    Operator1 said:

    Around the 6:06:07 mark in this Project CARS 2 live-stream, SMS CEO Ian Bell says:

    "...I think we're going to split the franchise and start making the world's best loose racing game, as in rally, as in rallycross, as in loose surface..."

    Look out, DiRT.

    That's epic. Maybe if they supported mods it would be even better, but maybe they will allow mods in a new franchise, and even if they don't they never promised they will not do anything to prevent a game from being modded only to ban people with modded textures. I am looking forward to see what comes.

    Having backed Pcars2 a few years back and been following the progress of the dirt handling from early development to retail... I wouldn't go getting all excited!

    Don't get me wrong, It's all right... but It's not the messiah of dirt handing.

  5. No, not once you have selected cross platform. I'm guessing you would then have to swap back and forth between the two leader boards in the options.

    You can still filter by your friends... at least they will be on the same platform.

  6. It also seems that, the better the team you have (crew chief, Mechanics) the more "detailed" the tuning options are.

    I might be wrong on this, but my setups I would like to share with my friends, are dependant on the lvl of their crew chief. 

    And I've discovered that setup makes a huge difference.

  7. Loving the game,

    parkerface said:
    The group think and feelgood mining is this thread is disgusting and borderline sycophantic.  :|

    Sort yourselves out.

    parkerface said:
    I'm a forum member stating their point of view on how some people are behaving here.  Ganging up on an individual for having a differing opinion is not very welcoming in my opinion.


    Oh! welcome to the forums ;) :)

  8. More DiRT4 :)  037 in Spain                                                                                    


  9. urgaffel said:
    One last point, I don't think people have really gone deep into the tuning aspect of things yet. That's going to change the way cars feel and handle too so you know, there are a lot of variables at play.

    This does actually make a huge difference to how the cars behave.

  10. I've had a lot of people asking me over the last few days my opinion of the physics in D4 over DR.

    I personally think D4 is a big improvement over DR, and I have well over 1000 hrs in DR across two platforms. Ultimately, How something "feels" is down to the individual and how they think it should be.

    Ironically, some said the physics in DR were wrong, and now Codemasters have gone and corrected it for D4, some people still say it's wrong!?  :D

    It doesn't matter either way in a game. Even if they got it 100% accurate to real life, in a game, a minority will always say it is wrong. That is because it doesn't handle the way you think it should or it doesn't handle like the version previously.

    Every time they change something, it's for the better. Don't fear change. Try it.

    In this case. I honestly believe it's for the better.