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  1. 789ifyz said:
    In other news... anyone know what happened to @MastaVonBlasta AKA @GentlenameMVB ? The gossip element in this thread feels like its missing w/o his wild speculations, or maybe @justbiglee was just a way better tease. Or maybe there just isn't enough material to go on. Still, what little we do get isn't nearly as effective without the Masta here to give us a proper interpretation of its deepest meanings...
    He got married and had a child, all great stuff but they do take up all your free time ☺he still trolls the devs on Twitter and I'm sure will be around once the gossip wheel kick's up a gear.

  2. JZStudios said:
    JZStudios said:
    cjl9 said:
    Hmm...my 22 year old daughter has just moved to London for a job at Ogilvy and Mather. So the Lloyds come full circle. After she graduated college I thought I was done with paying for her but the salary she is getting as an intern will not cover the costs of renting an apartment in Kensington and her living expenses.

    I left England 37 years ago, boy, has London changed.
    Over 37 years everything changes.
    For example, I was born.
    I was almost born twice

    Fuck. I feel old :D

  3. GC's are fairly agricultural (talking as a mechanic) and can take a beating. Common faults are:

    1. Leaking oil from the turbo side rocker cover gasket. (cheap fix and a ongoing problem)

    2. Head gasket leaking (oil in radiator reservoir tank, white smoke from exhaust even once warmed up)

    3. Noisy gearbox (jap spec gearboxes are utter crap) 

    4. Worn Turbo seals (blue smoke from exhaust at idle)

    5. Misfire (the GC's have individual coil packs on each spark plug, they are prone to failure and can be costly to replace with new units)

    6. If the turbo boost has been increased at all (the stock GC8 can run 1.5 bar boost, with an upgraded fuel pump, without much issue) make sure the fuel pump has been upgraded with a Walbro upgraded fuel pump, or get ready for a melted No.4 piston.

    7. Timing belt needs changing every 20,000 miles or 2 years (from memory) not a huge job, but being a boxer engine, not all garages are used to working on this type of engine and some over price due to lack of knowledge.

  4. bogani said:
    tbtstt said:
    bogani said:
    tbtstt said:
    bogani said:
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    Dytut said:
    I quickly found that one on blocket @bogani. Looks nice, just go for it! :-D
    Don't be shy, share the link! :smile:

    16,000 miles? Blimey, that's low mileage for the year! Exhaust doesn't look OEM (unless the Euro spec cars got a different backbox) and it's obviously sitting lower on the coilovers, but looks pretty standard otherwise. Would like to see under the bonnet! 

    EDIT: Just looked at the interior shot. The pillar mounted boost gauge isn't standard either. 
    Yup, the only custom seems to be exhaust and coilovers. I would throw away the gauge in an instant. And to be honest, nothing is certain when it comes to cars for sale. Would have to look at it to make a judgement.

    I find it rather surprising the back arches are free of rust. Kinda unique for a GT!
    Absolutely, pictures can hide many sins! Yeah, rear arches are always the first place rust seems to strike on the GC Impreza. That looks good in the picture, though it's worth having a good nose underneath. 

    Check if it's a cat back exhaust or a straight through system: if it's straight through then the car should have been remapped. 
    Ok. I actually went straight from work to have a look at it. The condition is at first glance very very good. The back arches looked flawless.

    It was a 3" system straight through. The owner didn't know if it had been remapped or not. He took the car as a trade for another car not long ago. There was also an open dump valve, which I'm not that fond of as I would want the car as original as possible.
    Yeah, back to the standard re-circ would be my first move as well! If it's running a 3" straight through system it definitely should have been remapped, so I'd get that checked as a first priority. 

    You need to remove the arch liners and boot trim for a really good look around, but clear rear arches sound promising. 

    I'm biased, but I'd say buy it! I'm sure decent GC Impreza's are going to be future classics. 
    Update on this story.

    I really wasn't going to buy this car. However, I said thanks but no thanks. It's out of budget at this time. He asked what my budget was and I said 4500EUR, but I"m not gonna offer that because it really is too low of an offer. After that. there was an hour of silence and then a text." Ok, I can sell you the car for 4500 just because I know you appreciate it and I need money for my Supra".

    ****. I really didn't expect that and really had no plans for a new car :open_mouth:

    Owned both the Impreza wrx gc sedan and wagon at the same time, both jap imports. Both were great fun to drive and easily the best two cars I've ever owned from a pure driving point of view (the wagon was turned into my auto cross car eventually).

    The wagon was probably more fun on a twisty road as the turbo would spool up quicker (smaller turbo than the sedan), giving less turbo lag, but the sedan was all power :)

    Used to use the sedan to tow the trailer with the wagon on it to auto cross events :D that got some strange looks!

  5. bogani said:
    On a more serious note, what makes me skeptical about VR in DR is the limited wheel animation that will kill the immersion instantly. The cockpits are also quite bland graphically.
    I hope this will be fixed in the VR update, easy fix might be to hide the hands so no animation is needed for those, and just sync the wheel rotation.

    You can switch off the arms in the options now and get 1:1 wheel movement.

  6. tbtstt said:
    He knows something. Talk @RallyDriven, TALK! 
    Even if he would talk, Codies probably already made some form of censoring system, so it will look something like this:
    "This new content will bring an *NDA* to *NDA* along with *NDA*."
    The trusted group of testers won't be revealing anything... for free. For the right price though...
    As a trusted tester, I see what you did there...  ;)
    WOW, wait... they have secret testers! :o

  7. I think the last two GT games only had a few hundred "premium cars" with fully detailed interior views. They did patch in a generic black interior view for all the rest, but they did get slated badly for it. Also a lot of the other models where ripped straight from GT4.

    Wasn't a huge problem for me personally as out of 900+ cars I only ever used 10, and they were premium cars anyway :) 

  8. GT is Sony's answer to Microsoft's Forza. A full GT game will have around 40-50 tracks 900+ cars, full tuning and customising, custom replay options, full photo mode, basically-everything Forza has.

    GT Sport looks like a cut down version of what the full game will be like. Historically, from around GT3 I think, GT has always released a prologue version of the game, basically a big demo up to a year before the full game. My guess is GT Sport is a taster of what's to come. 

    I enjoy both Forza and GT as I did have both consoles for a while.