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  1. GT Sport looks like nothing more than the old prologue we use to get before the full GT. Still, It's Gran Turismo... so I'll get it anyway.

    Been playing them for the last 17 years, no point in stopping now! Ironically, 17 years ago all I played on my PS1 was Colin McRae Rally and Gran Turismo. Come November all I'll be playing is DiRT Rally and GT Sport on my PS4 :D

  2. gfRally said:
    That annoying little prick gets a copy before some of you DiRTY Gossipers? 
    While in general I don't really care that the "privileged YouTubers" gets stuff first, usually for free to that, this time... Ehh, that guy won't even know what to do with it -_-
    Our team across the pond got their promo copies earlier than us, so they've been able to share them with some Youtubers already! We're still waiting for our copies to come in - hopefully before the end of this week - so we'll be sending some out and doing stuff on the channels once I have confirmation of how many I've got to play with. :)

    My internet is powered by carrier pigeon, so couldn't do a fancy YouTube presentation... but I can drive! and I have a PlayStation4 with the "share Function" !!

    Just saying :D 

  3. I'd like everyone that knows of any shortcuts to record their findings and link it to a dev, or post it here and I'll link it to a dev (I'm lucky enough to have 4 of them on my Steam friendslist by now, they do read these forums but of course some posts can be looked over - they're only humans after all). I don't think Codemasters can find all the cut exploits on their own, so I think a nice team effort will eliminate many, if not all of the cuts eventually.

    Thanks to dgeesio's link they're now aware of another silly shortcut to sort out.
    If you can make a new thread dedicated to the cuts, and keep it tidy! will probably make it easier for the devs to get through it and will keep this thread on topic-ish :p

  4. Rygar86 said:
    I still cant work out why people who already play Dirt Rally on PC are THAT excited about a console version. What am I missing here? 

    Other than it perhaps making it easier to play it in your lounge room I dont see what the big deal is. Dont get me wrong I think its great its coming to console and that more people in world will be rallying, as they all should :smile: 

    The game runs great for me on PC, but I'm still going to pick it up for my ps4 as I will have even more people to race! that and my G29 is sitting unloved at the moment and could use a run out on the ps4 :D

  5. Colin McRae name was used on Dirt series in Dirt and Dirt 2. So that is excluded following what Paul had said. And may exclude the R4 555 tribute as well.

    About the Colin's Subaru livery, i don't think they would want it for 5 years. The Martini liveries that are probably coming. 
    Wrong, Dirt 2 wasnt colin mcrae named, Dirt 1 yes but Dirt 2 was Ken Block DudeBro DiRT 2 ,and a tribute to colin didnt existed in DiRT series because the last colin mcrae named game was when colin was alive, so im sure about colin pack

    wrong. (edit) ish - outside Europe it was known as Dirt 2, but it did still have the McRae challenge and the tribute video to McRae... although the name Colin McRae was missing from the box art.  


    Dirt 2 also had a short tribute video to McRae once you unlocked the 95 impreza.

    I should know, I unlocked it on pc, ps3 and xbox 360 ;)

    and here it is.


  6. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=439708585 only cars missing from this list are the Polo wrc and Hyundai i20 wrc from the 2010 class.

    Edit: and the evo and Scooby from the R4 class

    Edit 2: this is a better list