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  1. bogani said:
    dgeesi0 said:
    i was just thinking about top times and records and such.how is this going to happen on random generated tracks/courses.
    Will only be leaderboards for the static career stages I guess.

    This. ^^

    The daily's, weekly's and monthly's will be the same as is, but without the ability to hot lap them first.

  2. JZStudios said:
    tbtstt said:
    789ifyz said:
    BadD0g said:
    Don't read much into it, it's probably just the fact that the car in the screenshots is seconds away from unleashing the storm and starting the stage.
    Reading too much into things is what we do here! This thread isn't almost 700 pages long for nothing.  ;)

    That said, let's make up look for clues. Any significance to the Jolly Club livery?
    To be fair, half of that is actually house pricing and kebab pizzas, so...

    Oh, and the NDA trolls enjoying life on the other side of the fence... damn traitors! TELL US EVERYTHING YOU KNOW!!!

    I'll just go find that old torture table, now.
    You'll never break me! 

    (Unless you've got beer, then there is a strong possibility I can be broken).
    How about Cookies?

    Overrated as a means of bribery

  3. They are responsible for the older WRC games (PS2?), prior to Milestone getting the licence. Drive club I think is their most resent title, which they did drop a more "sim like" handling model for via a patch.

    This gave you the option to use the arcade mode or the more sim like mode.

  4. Procver said:
    Oh I see... this will be the perfect year to practice my patience, for Project Cars 2 and specially this dark secret from the Codies...
    We simple mortals have to wait, oh well...
    Played them both, one's definitely better than the other