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  1. teknoid85 said:
    so winterwonderland is postponed to december......  i think it's a good sign:

    maybe they fix v2 handling on tarmac?

    maybe they add more cars then expected?

    maybe they correct snowbanks at montecarlo?

    maybe they put in a lot improvements?

    i really hope so.  what you think?

    V2? no


    no, it's in the roadbook this week.

    Hope so

    that's what I think.

  2. OzoreXS said:
    Also, some of these cars could possibly be under a older license from their WRC games, WRC3 for example had exactly this same Celica shown in the Trailer, same goes to the Satria Neo.
    I recall Shift 2 Unleashed having some licenses for some tracks that still carried over from the GT Legends and GTR2 era (having Dijon, Enna and Zolder wasn't a coincidence at all :P ) maybe it's the same case with SLRE...

    If I recall correctly, licenses have to be renewed for each title. I don't think there is such a thing as carry-over licenses. What may happen is licenses becoming easier to renew due to company-developer relations.

    Also, a bit off-topic but I don't want to start a whole other thread just for this: does anyone know if the Kit-Cars run V2 physics? Which classes do and don't actually?
    60´s, 70´s, 80´s, G.B RWD, 2010, 2000´s, and Kit cars has V2.

    V1 = Gr.A, Gr.B

    G.B rwd and kit cars don't have V2 yet.

    V1 = Gr.A, Gr.B, Gr.B rwd and kit cars.

    The Gr.B rwd and kit cars have V1.5, not the full V2 yet.

  3. Evilsmurf said:

    And sometimes you get exactly what you expect. Still at least LaPremier will be happy with his new 'rally sim'.
    Possibly not, some reviews are saying its 40/60 sim/arcade. Maybe to much "sim" for LaPremier :D
    Don't mock him, he holds several records in Driver: San Francisco and GRID!

    I apologise...

    I'll get back in my box and bow down to the one with superior Driver: San Francisco skills.

    That said, I still might pick it up because Rally :)

  4. tbtstt said:
    They don't have the S7 sound yet, hopefully one has been located for source.
    I located one for them ;)
    Great news! 

    (Kevin Procter by any chance?)

    Can't wait to hear that chattering...

    Hope so, sound bloke to grab a Rum or 5 with ;) and it always sounded awesome in Barbados :)

  5. tbtstt said:
    tbtstt said:
    Oh, and which Monster Girl was best at DiRT Rally? As I said on Twitter I'm a fan of such outfits, I wear one myself when playing DR...
    It was at this moment that @tbtstt regretted that drunken night when he pulled the girl in the Monster outfit
    I thought it was odd that she already knew my name...

    and yet that still wouldn't be the oddest thing you found ;)

  6. dwkGravey said:
    Snaky115 said:
    Never played a super hardcore league before? You can't even take a pause between stages in this league. 16 with no 'saves and quits' after starting or you're done.
    No sleep 'til Hammerstein.

    I made the mistake of starting it at 11:30pm... I was rather late to bed. 

  7. I'm old enough to remember playing game demos when they came in cassette tape form, stuck to the front cover of your favourite game magazine! I've been around a lot of early access titles and played in a lot of beta tests over the years. But, I have never felt like I actually made a difference to any of them until DiRT Rally happened.

    This is the first early access title were I know the feed back we gave was actually heard and used, and this is entirely down to you @justbiglee. You have fought hard to make our voice heard and to fight our corner in order to shape the best rally game in years and for that I say thank you. You will be missed round here, no doubt about that and I wish you every success for the future.

    Good luck and best wishes dude.

  8. "When it comes to making a bigger, broader game, you have to start making trade-offs, because not a lot of people will get into a really difficult rally sim"

    It would the seem creative director is out of touch.