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  1. So you are just using the keyboard? with no controllers plugged in?

    If so, it sounds like the keyboard is the issue, the game is launching ok but not recognising your keyboard. There are a few threads about DiRT 3 and keyboard issues without a fix I'm afraid...

    Do you have access to another keyboard or a controller to try, and see if they work?

  2. Could use a little more info, what controller are you using? what screen is not working? the main screen after boot up?

    Also, the game might have launched in full screen windowed mode, so try holding the "ALT" key and hit the "ENTER" key at the same time, see if this cures the problem.

  3. DiRT Rally was a proof of concept, made on a shoe string budget and limited staff to convince the big wigs that a realistic rally game would sell, and sell well!

    It's probably safe to assume that the next one will have the same realistic feel (hopefully more refined tarmac handling) but much more content and a more complete package - with hopefully a fully fleshed out RX championship on top.

    The fact that it is so quiet suggests they are hard at work, and we will just have to trust they deliver everything we want :)

  4. No more content, as far as I know but not dead to me, as I still paly it.

    We haven't had an official statement (I don't think) but it's pretty wildly known that a new one is in the works.

    Unless I'm completely wrong, in which case I'm sure someone will be along soon to correct me and tell me the error of my ways :)

  5. The community test was for D:R, It was the last update that went out, we test them before Codies release them to the public incase it causes your wheels to fall off, or your pc to explode, or some other catastrophy.

    See... We do care about you all :D