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  1. 12th August.  Release date.
    I suspect that just like in anything I write in this thread the source is in hope and wishful thinking... :)

    Yesterday this tweet appeared:


    So the source in my head is telling me that three days away from Thursday is kind of Monday, which fits perfectly with the previous count-down guess for Monday 2am :)

    Well that's fine then as i'm going to Newcastle this weekend to get very drunk with old internet friends :) and would hate to miss anything!

  2. Hi @Donut52

    C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\My Games\DiRT3 and delete the folder , start game now and max the game out , but dont max out the Multisampling to QCSAA , your GPU does not support that , here you can go maximal to 8xMSAA !

    hope this helps