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  1. @bogani I got the Obutto ozone, it's a little more but it has a monitor stand and keyboard try built in so with a quick swing of the keyboard try I can be playing a FPS game. It doubles as a desk and is very comfortable also fully adjustable.


  2. bogani said:
    So just out of curiosity, how many here use softlock while competing in the daily?
    Set the profiler to 540 degrees, I'm just to lazy to deal with anything higher and it give a realistic rotation despite not being "historically" accurate for all cars. :) 

  3. gfRally said:
    Not that I would ever want to know but as expensive as games are to produce, I hope they are on their way to making enough profit for management to smile.  Kinda like that Happy Wife is a Happy Life.

    They might/might not have made a profit yet, but still not bad!

  4. Dirt Rally cost £25.00

    92750 people so far have bought/got copy's of Dirt Rally.

    92750 x 25 = £2318750

    some of them will be free copy's, so the figures are not correct but still... that's a tidy sum for an early access title :)

  5. One more bit of DiRTy Gossip - if numbers from Steam Spy are at all reliable then DiRT Rally may be creeping up to 100,000 Early Access sales! 
    I reckon that's a really good result! 

    so that's around 2.3 mill in sales then. :) not bad.