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  1. Calm before the storm... Looks like it's going to be the  wrong storm. :-??
  2. Anyone wants to add me on steam, look for Evilsmurf
  3. Club's going well, 77th overall atm if racenet is telling the truth =D>
  4. Yes, I use my G27 on PS3 and pc
  5. If you are playing with a steering wheel, don't use rear view (I used rear view with a pad before I got a steering wheel). Use bonnet cam or cockpit view with a wheel and it's so much better once you get used to it, a couple hours in either view and you will soon get used to it. If you have to use rear view then best advise I can give is plug your game pad back in, their are a few round here use a 360 pad for playing and are faster than a lot of the wheel users.
  6. racing utes, Bathurst reverse. epic fun
  7. LOL, my post finally showed up here...I Posted that on June 27 !! LOL did it twice as the first one did not show up. @justbiglee if you could delete the first post please :D 
  8. Sounds like a lot of work, but it would be cool :)
  9. Or some WRC tracks ofcourse ;-) yay you're back! Where you been man? @justbiglee Crying in a corner sinds my last D.N.F. in the ELE rally here in the Netherlands...... really not my rally season this year.... Flashbacks please in real world rallying xD Do what I did. Sell the car and replace it with a G27 and obutto ozone and wait for Dirt 4 Much cheaper :) (Also, two kids swallow up all my Autocross money :((  )
  10. Games fine... don't change a thing. Great job CM's, now take some time off and get a beer =D>
  11. Some nice stages, I see he even had time for a little landscaping at 1:53 lol. X_X One pace note you never hear in Holland is "flat over CREST" :))
  12. That was a little uncalled for don't you think? Can't we all just get along :D
  13. I like the option to setup the cars for a track, finding that last .5 of a second with a good setup is part of the fun for me. The setup options are limited compared to an out and out sim so anyone who spends 10mins on track and playing with the options will figure out what works and what doesn't.
  14. Just for giggles I'm going say we will see the next DiRT game either September or December, give or take a month ;)
  15. Pre-order done and with my 10% off for grid 2. :D Should keep me going till new dirt comes out.
  16. Bah...we can get you a few alcopops then :))
  17. Slightly off topic but are the dirti devs planning another test group day for this game like they did for GAS Would be tempted to make the 6 hour drive for a look at this and give some feedback, could even be tempted to stay over night and go for a beer or 3 with justbiglee and the crew :D
  18. I think if you pay for parts it quickly becomes "pay to win".  As for stages, I would be happy with real or fictional as long as they are longer than the 2-3 min stages we have at the moment.
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