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  1. Because it is an absolute pig.  Challenge accepted. I just need a quick test build now :)
  2. 30 days to go :) Starting to get hyped! I can only just remember what I'm missing...
  3. What in the hell does pish mean? :O :D http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pish
  4. You really like helicopters!  "Body is 11 helicopters too short" :D
  5. Forza has Block and SRTUSA... D4 gonna be crap!  ;) Found another spammer guys! You know what to do! :D
  6. I used a wheel stand pro for a few years before I got my Obutto. Good stable stand that folded away quiet well, even with a G27 attached.
  7. D4 only has one physics engine. It will be the same for both modes. The gamer mode will just have all the assists turned on.
  8. From the short go I had in Spain, I'd liken it more to Monte Carlo.
  9. Basically, you need a switchable centre Diff. These are normally electronically controlled via a sensor on the hand brake and disconnect the drive to the rear wheels once the hand brake is engaged to allow the wheels to lock.
  10. Yeah, we had this discussion here before, Group B cars couldn't use the handbrake. I was surprised too. May I ask, is it possible to modify a Group B to have a handbrake? What would it take? I'm curious about the engineering. It would need a modern transmission. The 80s Grp B 4x4 system's were fairly agricultural.
  11. @KickUp I know it's not possible to get the WRC licenced cars into DiRT4, but were do VW stand? Their not in the WRC anymore and as far as I know, the 2017 Polo isn't even eligible for the new WRC season as they didn't manage to get it homologated. So does it still fall under the WRC licence? If not, would VW entertain the idea of you licencing the new 2017 Polo for DiRT4? :) Would be awesome to have one of the new cars in DiRT4! Sorry if this question has already been asked and answered.
  12. I'll be honest and say I've not played RBR with the NGP mod since January 2015, so I have no idea how the NGP mod has evolved since then. But from my memory of the NGP mod, D4 physics are in a class of their own. But then, in most areas for me, the DiRT Rally physics were a step up from the NGP.
  13. This^^ While the inevitability of learning the tiles after enough gameplay is true, it's the randomness of how they are placed together, combined with the changeable weather, that will keep the game fresh for me. + the fact that I've already played it, and it's fucking awesome!
  14. Shit box it is then. Who doesn't love a challenge :)
  15. It felt much improved in November, and I believe it has been improved upon since then.
  16. I cannot conceive of a situation were there are not enough Mk2 Escorts :D  I didn't think that was even possible :o :D
  17. Will only be leaderboards for the static career stages I guess. This. ^^ The daily's, weekly's and monthly's will be the same as is, but without the ability to hot lap them first.
  18. Wait till you get buzzed by a low flying drone!! ;)
  19. Full gravel only                             
  20. I tried the Tarmac last November. Had a run through Spain in the Evo. Tarmac handling was vastly improved, and I believe has been further refined since then. The RX handling now is a thing of beauty!
  21. I love these forums on announcement day :) So much excitement and rage! :D 
  22.  3 packs of chocolate hobnobs or I ain't sayin nothin :p
  23. Reading too much into things is what we do here! This thread isn't almost 700 pages long for nothing.  ;) That said, let's make up look for clues. Any significance to the Jolly Club livery? To be fair, half of that is actually house pricing and kebab pizzas, so... Oh, and the NDA trolls enjoying life on the other side of the fence... damn traitors! TELL US EVERYTHING YOU KNOW!!! I'll just go find that old torture table, now. You'll never break me!  (Unless you've got beer, then there is a strong possibility I can be broken). How about Cookies? Overrated as a mea
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