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  1. They are responsible for the older WRC games (PS2?), prior to Milestone getting the licence. Drive club I think is their most resent title, which they did drop a more "sim like" handling model for via a patch. This gave you the option to use the arcade mode or the more sim like mode.
  2. Played them both, one's definitely better than the other
  3. I've had a few wheels over the years... I think I may have some kind of wheel addiction problem :D I own 4 atm, and have had 8 different wheels over the last 5-6 years!
  4. I have a t500 and t300 and have used both on PS4. The t300 is a lot weaker than the t500 but as already said, it seems to be a problem on Thrustmasters end. 
  5. Rally!?But I thought a few pages back "DiRT Showdown 2" was confirmed!?I can't keep up with this gossip thread... I suspect some of it is untrue :p
  6. on console? 3 or 6 I think.                                            
  7. I'm going with:Pizza Delivery 2.0 "The kebab legends":D
  8. See... We do care about you all :D
  9. I think we are getting 1-4 player alternate game play for single Rally and championship, aka "hot seat mode"  
  10. Right, got it: Dirt 4: New Zealand Edition, with Crazy Kart rallycross pack coming to Dirt Rally. And a talking red lobster... That's actually a doctor. Seems legit
  11. I swear you're all on drugs... :D                                                 
  12. He got married and had a child, all great stuff but they do take up all your free time ☺he still trolls the devs on Twitter and I'm sure will be around once the gossip wheel kick's up a gear.
  13. Over 37 years everything changes. For example, I was born. I was almost born twice Fuck. I feel old :D
  14. I'm 39. I've never made £25000 a year, I spent 4/5 years in college.
  15. GC's are fairly agricultural (talking as a mechanic) and can take a beating. Common faults are: 1. Leaking oil from the turbo side rocker cover gasket. (cheap fix and a ongoing problem) 2. Head gasket leaking (oil in radiator reservoir tank, white smoke from exhaust even once warmed up) 3. Noisy gearbox (jap spec gearboxes are utter crap)  4. Worn Turbo seals (blue smoke from exhaust at idle) 5. Misfire (the GC's have individual coil packs on each spark plug, they are prone to failure and can be costly to replace with new units) 6. If the turbo boost has been increased at all (the stock G
  16. Don't be shy, share the link! :smile: https://www.blocket.se/kalmar/Fin_Bes_Subaru_impreza_gt_ev_byte_68508453.htm?ca=18&w=3 ;) 16,000 miles? Blimey, that's low mileage for the year! Exhaust doesn't look OEM (unless the Euro spec cars got a different backbox) and it's obviously sitting lower on the coilovers, but looks pretty standard otherwise. Would like to see under the bonnet!  EDIT: Just looked at the interior shot. The pillar mounted boost gauge isn't standard either.  Yup, the only custom seems to be exhaust and coilovers. I would throw away the gauge in an inst
  17. I dunno... can I Flag for this :D
  18. I hope this will be fixed in the VR update, easy fix might be to hide the hands so no animation is needed for those, and just sync the wheel rotation. You can switch off the arms in the options now and get 1:1 wheel movement.
  19. Even if he would talk, Codies probably already made some form of censoring system, so it will look something like this: "This new content will bring an *NDA* to *NDA* along with *NDA*." The trusted group of testers won't be revealing anything... for free. For the right price though... As a trusted tester, I see what you did there...  ;) WOW, wait... they have secret testers! :o
  20. #Branding Now hang your head in shame @urgaffel :D
  21. From the looks of the reveal, the handling still looks arcade like. If it's to be recognised by the FIA, I would of hoped for a more realistic model. Oh well. I'll get it anyway
  22. I think the last two GT games only had a few hundred "premium cars" with fully detailed interior views. They did patch in a generic black interior view for all the rest, but they did get slated badly for it. Also a lot of the other models where ripped straight from GT4. Wasn't a huge problem for me personally as out of 900+ cars I only ever used 10, and they were premium cars anyway :) 
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