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  1. Star wars Battlefront is 25gig+ on ps4 and it all arrived on one disc. Granted, that's a blu-ray disk, but still. It's possible.
  2. it's coming. Not sure how long but it is in the works.
  3. Goddamit! I'm gonna have to buy it again!
  4. V2? no Maybe no, it's in the roadbook this week. Hope so that's what I think.
  5. I went from a G27 to a t500, it's a great wheel. No complaints.
  6. Hope it's the Xsara to compete with the Focus and Scooby. I always preferred the look of the Xsara to the C4. 
  7. V2 Pikes Peak cars ;) That might tempt me back up that hill... The 205pp with V2! *shudders*
  8. Everything, the man was on a mission!
  9. That douche is called Ryan? Goddamit! If I'd known that 7 years ago, I would of picked another name for my boy! 
  10. If I recall correctly, licenses have to be renewed for each title. I don't think there is such a thing as carry-over licenses. What may happen is licenses becoming easier to renew due to company-developer relations. Also, a bit off-topic but I don't want to start a whole other thread just for this: does anyone know if the Kit-Cars run V2 physics? Which classes do and don't actually? 60´s, 70´s, 80´s, G.B RWD, 2010, 2000´s, and Kit cars has V2. V1 = Gr.A, Gr.B G.B rwd and kit cars don't have V2 yet. V1 = Gr.A, Gr.B, Gr.B rwd and kit cars. The Gr.B rwd and kit cars have V1.5, not
  11. People move jobs all the time. Nothing unusual about it. The blog says it was for personal reasons, so lets just wish her all the best and not read to much into it :)
  12. I hope it's the S1 E2 22B! No... it's the 22B S1 2E! The S1 E2  22B was a myth. :D
  13. I'll wait for the demo... That did not inspire me to pick it up. Shame :( had hoped for better.
  14. Possibly not, some reviews are saying its 40/60 sim/arcade. Maybe to much "sim" for LaPremier :D Don't mock him, he holds several records in Driver: San Francisco and GRID! I apologise... I'll get back in my box and bow down to the one with superior Driver: San Francisco skills. That said, I still might pick it up because Rally :)
  15. Possibly not, some reviews are saying its 40/60 sim/arcade. Maybe to much "sim" for LaPremier :D
  16. Cars :)                                                 
  17. I located one for them ;) Great news!  (Kevin Procter by any chance?) Can't wait to hear that chattering... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMP3PsKmcyU Hope so, sound bloke to grab a Rum or 5 with ;) and it always sounded awesome in Barbados :)
  18. LOL Sorry... probably not very helpful :D 
  19.  :o  It was at this moment that @tbtstt regretted that drunken night when he pulled the girl in the Monster outfit I thought it was odd that she already knew my name... and yet that still wouldn't be the oddest thing you found ;)
  20. It's EA... "grief" is the norm for them :)
  21. No sleep 'til Hammerstein. I made the mistake of starting it at 11:30pm... I was rather late to bed. 
  22. I'm old enough to remember playing game demos when they came in cassette tape form, stuck to the front cover of your favourite game magazine! I've been around a lot of early access titles and played in a lot of beta tests over the years. But, I have never felt like I actually made a difference to any of them until DiRT Rally happened. This is the first early access title were I know the feed back we gave was actually heard and used, and this is entirely down to you @justbiglee. You have fought hard to make our voice heard and to fight our corner in order to shape the best r
  23. https://twitter.com/jontucker1/status/635138863070093313 Gossip?
  24. Can't wait to try them :D                                       
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