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  1. It would the seem creative director is out of touch.
  2. I do so love it when someone I've never met before, tells me the game I want to play and what it should have in it.
  3. So looks like we could be playing DiRT Rally for the next 11 years then...
  4. I take an educated guess and say we will get rally cars! :p
  5. Finland is looking impressive! Very different from the gravel events we already have.
  6. Just had a look at the steam achievements, we got some new Rallycross achievements.
  7. I'm on holiday next week so probably going to miss the release :( Still... got something to look forward to on my return home :)
  8.  think I got them all covered  ;)
  9. What do you want?!!! The moon on a stick?!!! Don't necessarily need the stick :) 
  10. Kick ass gaming pc on your return?? congrats man!
  11. I shall be at the kids end of term assembly then at their swimming lessons :( wont be home till after 6pm
  12. I'm off today but got loads to do so wont get much play time till later tonight :(
  13. They might/might not have made a profit yet, but still not bad!
  14. Dirt Rally cost £25.00 92750 people so far have bought/got copy's of Dirt Rally. 92750 x 25 = £2318750 some of them will be free copy's, so the figures are not correct but still... that's a tidy sum for an early access title :)
  15. WHAAAT!! I can't have my digital version in a box!? This is the worst game ever! I'm just not going to play it anymore... :D 
  16. Maybe but only maybe you, MVB and Evilsmurf? :dizzy:  me? ;)
  17. What we don't know, we make up! :) so yeah... business as usual
  18. Looks like a hybrid of the Driving Force GT and a G27, built specifically for the PS4. Think i'll stick with my G27 for the time being. On the plus side, my DFGT might work with my PS4 once the support for this wheel hits the ps4. My Thrustmaster T100 works with the ps4 and its not an officially supported wheel.
  19. I'll pick up SLRE I suspect, as I still need a Rally game for my PS4 :)
  20. More rally can't be a bad thing :) sim or arcade. Although with around 60 hours in WRC4.... and around 90 hours in DiRT Rally already! I'm obviously going to have my favourites ;) 
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