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  1. Probably the same fox 3 times :) i'll nail it yet!
  2. I'll be getting it I suspect, more rally is only a good thing!
  3. I just accept what I can get these days... I'm getting old and less impatient :)
  4. Lol, just noticed this was posted a year ago...guess they are probably gone by now.
  5. You could try updating you're mobo sound driver's, had more than my fair share of issues with onboard sound and games. Particularly assus boards.
  6. When I use the phrase "We listened to community feedback" I'll loop you into the tweet then :P Not sure if I fancy 18k people blaming me for that! I can already feel the hate lol
  7. That looked like a committed run! nice one guys :)
  8. it's almost exclusively racing games, but still a great fun community to hang out in. With that said...Some of the chief games designer's are MMO games junkies ;)
  9. This does look good! Changed Depots 321043/encryptedmanifests/1.0.3rc1_ffb_fix/encrypted_gid: C8DBAC…91D7CF branches/1.0.3rc1_ffb_fix/buildid: 592988 branches/1.0.3rc1_ffb_fix/description: branches/1.0.3rc1_ffb_fix/pwdrequired: 1 branches/1.0.3rc1_ffb_fix/pwdtestgid: D93087…6929AD
  10. Lee is away today. He did tweet this morning that he would try find out if the patch would be ready today, but it's not looking to good now. I could be completely wrong though! I am more often that not :)
  11. 2016 championship? my calendar still says 2015 :) I'll come along for giggles.
  12. Am out of ideas, time to try customer support I think. Hope you get it fixed soon.
  13. the files are xml type files and would need a xml viewer to see them, possibly you're best bet at this point is a clean install and try again.
  14. Hi @DeanV255, try this. http://www.downloadatoz.com/howto/how-to-deal-with-black-green-screen-in-dirt-3,12684.html
  15. Source? I suspect that just like in anything I write in this thread the source is in hope and wishful thinking... :) Yesterday this tweet appeared: https://twitter.com/dirtgame/status/586187219163074560 So the source in my head is telling me that three days away from Thursday is kind of Monday, which fits perfectly with the previous count-down guess for Monday 2am :) Well that's fine then as i'm going to Newcastle this weekend to get very drunk with old internet friends :) and would hate to miss anything!
  16. The shear spectacle of it, no other form of motor sport allows you to get so close you could reach out and touch it and the noise is unreal!
  17. Nothing that I've noticed :( but D3 CE is keeping me busy for the time being.
  18. Hi @Donut52 C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\My Games\DiRT3 and delete the folder , start game now and max the game out , but dont max out the Multisampling to QCSAA , your GPU does not support that , here you can go maximal to 8xMSAA ! hope this helps
  19. Oh wow, I am a total moron.  It would have helped if I downloaded the software since I just reinstalled windows not long ago. Working fine It happens! glad you got it sorted :)
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