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  1. Hmm...it should be, my one is. Although I do have to select it as the default controller in control options otherwise the game thinks my keyboard is the controller.
  2. As much fun as this is, I signed my NDA on 23rd Feb... but I don't think I can say anymore ;)
  3. i'm on G27, if I turn the Wheel strength down to 0% I get no pull at all, but also no ffb so setting at 50% lets me have some feedback where the right pull is not game braking for me to play. Vsync for me did reduce the pull slightly. Setting the vibration strength to 0% stops the road effects adding to the right pull and wheel weight is still (for me) very light even at 80%, I think this is because of the low setting I have in wheel strength. This is all of course, settings that work for me and far from a fix but if it helps anyone its a bonus. Fingers crossed for a quick patch turn around.&n
  4. Done that last night, the ffb folder is not the problem i'm afraid.
  5. Best to look at these links and post in them with you're issue. If you are having problems and need to report a bug read this http://steamcommunity.com/app/321040/discussions/0/611702631209590203/ If you can't redeem your CD Key take a read of this http://steamcommunity.com/app/321040/discussions/0/611702631209725838/ If your game wont start after installing try this http://steamcommunity.com/app/321040/discussions/0/611702631209697156/ Hope this helps.
  6. @Hughesy It's a bug, hopefully get patched soon. I posted this on the steam forums. It might help a little. I mention the G27 because that's the wheel I have but it seems all makes are affected. " this is not a fix! but makes it playable (for me anyway) The G27 with the F1 games from codemasters had/have a problem with high FPS so go into: Graphics Options and enable VSYNC, also check you're monitor refresh rate and set it to or below 120Hz (if that's an option for you) I only have the option of 60Hz. This locks my FPS to 60fps. For me this reduced the pull to the right. 1. Go into co
  7. Well... http://steamcommunity.com/games/DiRT3/announcements/detail/163594468329829297 Nice :) It seems that it's not an April's Fool joke so I know what I'll be playing tonight! :D @justbiglee explained a bit to as why it took so long to do it... Oh well, but now there's something DiRTy for me to play until something else comes along :) I'll come hunt you down online if you're on later.
  8. Nothing DiRT related. Just Q and A about the game industry in general. No game specifics.
  9. Not a fan of open world driving games full stop. I much prefer defined course with scenery that tries to kill me.
  10. Hi @BlazerInPants12, welcome to the forums. Do you have a GFWL account? as you must be singed in to create a profile and save the game.
  11. Most likely it is, but lots of use can still play so it is probably a port problem, worth a look anyway as I don't see GFWL getting removed anytime soon.
  12. This might be useful to http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2902926
  13. It could be ports for GFWL that need looking at then. That is getting removed, very slowly. http://portforward.com/english/applications/port_forwarding/Games_for_Windows_-_LIVE/ Have a look at that and see if it helps.
  14. That sounds like a router problem, had it myself with COD MW. Game kept saying I had a strict  NAT type and could hardly connect to anyone. If you drop customer support a email they should be able to give you a list of ports to open in you're router that should help with the problem.
  15. Works fine for every one, played it today. What seems to be the problem you have with it? someone might be able to help.
  16. Would think so, it's been out since 2011. Dirt 4 on the other hand? still waiting.
  17. This made me chuckle. You're in an open cockpit F1 car... you can't just take a look around and see for yourself if it's raining or not?  :)
  18. Your a brave man venturing into the F1 forums... Looking forward to you're return to the DiRTY side of things.
  19. I'd suggest sending custserv@codemasters.com and email with your rig spec, they'll most likely ask for some more info but they should be able to help get you running. Thanks. I don't know what I did to make it work, but it works now. I uninstalled and reinstalled again after my last post and it at least runs now. I can't get into full screen though, it crashes every time I try. But at least it's playable now. Might sound like a silly idea, but have you checked the game resolution is the same as your desktop resolution? had problems with games crashing before because of that. Assetto c
  20. Unfortunately, no. And it doesn't look promising. Thankfully Fanatec seems to be actively trying, Logitech threw us all under the bus on consoles. Last I seen from Logitech was "we're working on it" sometime last November... but no, it doesn't look good.
  21. But who doesn't like a bit of gossip ;)
  22. Been hanging around here for a week or so looking for some news and see a lot of people upset at the lack of information. I'm led to believe information would be released soon after F1 2014, with a release of F1 2015 at the START of the F1 season. Now granted, the first race of the new season has come and gone and no news has been released but has anyone thought how long Codemasters consider the "start of the season" to be? If we say every F1 season has a start, a middle and a end... and this season has 19 races then the "start" of the season could be the first 6 races of the year. This w
  23. wow, triple post! do I get a badge for that?? @justbiglee can you tidy this up for me ;)
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