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  1. I've given up and stopped playing it.
  2. Hi there. First I would like to apologise for the outburst in earlier posts. My intention is not to diminish the work you guys do. I'm sure you can understand how frustrating it is when we hand over hard earned money for a product that isn't working correctly. As for evidence, the only game clip I have is larger than the file size limit on this forum. Is there an email I can send the clip to? Details are: Xbox one x using astro a50 gen 4 headset, also using fanatec v2.5 wheelbase and McLaren gt3 wheel. The game is in a multiplayer online race.
  3. Woah did I **** in someones corn flakes. Dude, its basically copy and paste from last years game. Last years audio wasnt messed up.
  4. It may seem like that, however in my experience I've owned the Astros for a substantial amount of time and f1 2020 is the only game that has issues with them. I can Actually re produce the crackling through my TV, which in turn takes the headset out of the equation. It is 100% the game. Along with Jeff not speaking when in an xbox live party and your preferred sound is directed through the headset.
  5. Yes it is necessary. If you bought a film with audio that had problems you wouldn't be happy would you. People buy the game expecting a finished product.
  6. Taken long enough. Games been out months in a broken state.
  7. Does anyone else get crackling audio of engine sounds when cars are around you? Especially in online races. I'm using astro a50 gen 4 headset on the xbox and works flawlessly with other games. Also why cant I hear Jeff unless I switch from headset (which is my main output device) to speakers? And even then Jeff is really quiet.
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