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  1. Most likely yes. I dont see a reason why it would be removed as it was intended to be there so they probably have already coded it.
  2. They have not confirmed the beta testing dates just yet. Im sure if you follow this forum or keep an eye on the main website, you will soon have an answer 🙂
  3. From what I have seen personally, bugs that are entered into the bug reports exactly as intended do get fixed. A video on twitter does not give them anywhere near enough information to fix a bug so yes you see a lot of it posted around on social media but unless you submit a bug report then what can you expect when they dont get fixed. That Time Trial glitch had been around for a while yes, but drivers said themselves they kept it on the down-low to exploit it. So no wonder noone found it until it was posted online. As a driver just below the esport bracket, I really do care for the
  4. I understand the frustration. The official series uses another build which excludes the part of the game that are not needed allowing it to run better. Any disconnects in the official event is down to connection rather than game bugs. It is difficult trying to put on a show for tens of thousands of people using an online platform which they work hard to make for us. Yes there may be glitches carried over but they are aware of it at least. Which is better than ignoring the people reporting it
  5. I understand from F1 2020 they had RaceNet which was NOT required to play the game. Though with EA, I am unsure on if they will add that as a compulsory thing. As for multiplayer, many drivers express their feedback and I can only assume that they cannot do everything in 1 iteration of the game. Or else there would be no demand for the following year if the game is perfect one time. Its how marketing works
  6. They will be a free update after the release of the game. Yet no date was mentioned so I am unsure of when we will see this update.
  7. Probably not at first but maybe in the late future.
  8. That will be for everyone. Free of charge. And after the release of the game
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