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  1. A detailed description of the issue. In the multiplayer league, trying to substitute an absent driver with his reserve the function "assign as reserve" (Assegna Riserva, in Italian) doesn't work. I click on the option and nothing happen The setting about the reserve is, obviously active. The multiplayer league has the fixed program, so the lobby will open only 15 minutes before the session start. The settings also have active BOT reserves, in case there is not a player and his reserve. Platform PS4 What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start
  2. Both problem are still alive after the new update. Speaking of "n° 1 issue" since last update only the session host have the correct number, all other have n°1.
  3. The League Name is: IIRF - Digital RS the code is: CM#_W9YJ6X
  4. Hi guys, I know that you are starting to hate me and my topics. Sorry, but I'm the admin of a big federation and every problem go through me 😞 A detailed description of the issue. This morning I created 5 different multiplayer league for the 5 leagues of my federation and I shared the League code to the players so that they can enter the league. In all five the categories they are founding the same problems: The code doesn't work and they can't find the leagues. I provide you the 5 different codes: RWA: CM#_GPPG9X8 RWL: CM#_9VVBX6J DRS: CM#_6DDVJPY ARK G1: C
  5. Hi all, I've to delete a Multiplayer League (CM#_W9YJ6X). It's empty (about myself) but the game, when I try to delete it, tell me that the League can't be deleted because is not empty. Can you please delete (or close ndr) directly by DB/BE? @BarryBL
  6. Hi @BarryBL, I understand now the meaning of the message... How can I help you? 🙂
  7. Yes, the "n°1 error" happens only inside the multiplayers league. Thanks 🙂
  8. Hi @steviejay69, talking about the n°1 problem I can assure that is related to the option "user number 1 if world champion". When our drivers had been told to say "No" to that question they have the correct number. It's a problem only in the Multiplayer league, not in unclassified The issues related to "no sponsor viewed from person who spectate" is still a thing, and I think si the bigger one (for league streamed on youtube in a regular way, obviously). We also noticed that also for the driver the sponsor will mixup randomly, creating strange things like "SUnite" or "Atlburst" spo
  9. A detailed description of the issue. I've a multiplayer league with 22 races, it started 22 weeks ago and in the christmas weeks we had a two weeks stop. I modified the scheduled calendar of the league leaving two free weeks at the end of 2020 and shifting al the races two weeks forward. So, in this moment, we have to have two other races. But after the 20th race of the calendar the league had the message of the completed season. Looking though the calendar we have scheduled the race for thursday March 4th and for thursday March 11th, but we can't race them cause the league ended. Also
  10. Noticed only now: In the software the information about Pitstops and Stints are shown, but they are not exported in the JSON (where the array of that datas are empty)
  11. The information provided by the partecipant package descibed in this post cannot be used? I noticed that there is the car number and some other information. Maybe you cannot access that package cause you can't use online via PS+? Having only one JSON made the file easiest to use in some usage for league website. I suggested this solution because in my logic could be easiest also for you to develop. Obviously I'm thinking by the way I would script the function. If the as-is code is easiest to evolve using an action that create multiple files it's the same.
  12. In addiction: I don't know how much could be easy or not to do (I'm a developer, but of other kind of languages), it's not possibile to make a "bulk JSON Export" for exporting everything in the lap/stint/race section? So it's possible to export the race of all 20 drivers in one click instead than in 20 Something like a JSON with the single JSON in it: { Player_0: {Player_0JSON}, Player_1: {Player_1JSON}, etc... }
  13. Hi all, this bug is still a thing. And as already told this is a big bug for online leagues with streaming. @BarryBL, it will be fixed soon or late?
  14. Hi @Ender0042, yes I fixed using a different PC. Probabilly I've something running already on that port, or some problem with the work VPNs that are installed on it and create problems of communication between PC and PS4. For Time Trial I edited the "My Team" name, but remain with the whitespace. I think it's because in Time Trial this is not a team, but simply the "multiplayer car" so I don't know. I think that removing the whitespace will be enough to fix the thing. Maybe shifting the whitespace in the same string with the "(" instead of the name. For the Multyplayer league
  15. Hi Nuvolarix, as written in the following messages it seems to be a problem caused by something in the save. This happened to me doing some test with the multiplayer car in Time Trial. Having no trouble, instead, in a 3 lap races with F1 2020 cars. Tonight I've a Multiplayer League with Multiplayer Cars, so I make a test with them. In this way I could verify if the problem is the multiplayer car out of My Team of something else With my tests and some analyses I can say that the problem is that the software save the folders with the name (WS stands for whitespace -> " "
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