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  1. Idk why people hate this track. I've been playing assetto corsa on it for a long time and the driving style is very nice, the track is wide and good for overtaking. Some people are probably afraid of such new solutions and the combination of a street track with high-speed corners is something new What is your opinion about this track?
  2. Hi Would there be an option in the future to be able to create your own engine in my team mode? I think it would be interesting and very nice showing the entry of, for example, Porsche into f1 along with their own engine that they are working on, which can be sold to other teams
  3. so as I can see I have to rewrite it. This is one huge joke. Why do you want to enter a friend nickname if you don't give beta to 2 players for coop? there is no logic here
  4. Under which flag Mazepin will racing in game? Under Russian flag or Russian Automobile Federation?
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