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  1. HI, Just saw you posted a note about the F1 2021 game. HI, I recently posted an issue I am facing on F1 2021. Unable to join any online event recently. Frustrating for me to play the online multiplayer or weekly event. Have a safety rating of S. I tried deleting the application and downloading it again, but no change. I play on PS4, anything you would suggest? 

  2. Another question about the Formula 2 cars: While the "extra rotation" is mostly removed on the F1 cars, I feel like it is still very much present on the formula 2 cars. Is this just the handling of the F2 car in F1 2020, or still the extra rotation?
  3. Hey David, in another thread it was discussed how to get a good start in the F2 cars: we were hinted to ask you. This was also difficult in F1 2019, so what is your advice/input to get a good start in an F2 car?
  4. The NDA isnt for people who got the game early (because stores got or sent them early) right? Some people are indeed breaching the NDA (some Italian dude yesterday), but today there were 2 streamers which just got the game early by accident, so no trouble for them.
  5. I think they are already focussing on F1 2020, and not updating the weekly events (as frequently):
  6. In an interview with racefans.net, Lee said: "It is possible for your team to go bust. Before you get to that point, you’ll likely find you have to replace your named team mate with one of the fictional drivers otherwise seen in the historical challenge modes, who serve as the game’s equivalent of ‘pay drivers’." https://www.racefans.net/2020/05/13/f1-2020-first-play-whats-new-and-what-weve-tested-so-far/
  7. It is a standalone mode, career mode is just present as normal: with improvements such as a driver market and improved contracts.
  8. Would be cool, but I don't think they will be in the game. However, there will be "reserve/pay drivers" waiting in the wings, for once you go bankrupt: those will be the classis car drivers.
  9. Very unexpected, hype just keeps growing! Good luck everyone
  10. It tells you more goes into making this than just 4 stats, doesn't it? That was your point after all. But okay, I think I just worded my first reply poorly: just don't expect Fifa-like detail on the stats.
  11. I just said there are more stats, just not present on the cards and not for us to see. Or are you saying there are more stats? Then I misinterpreted it. And they stated those things in twitter responses to questions. Also the advertising on the official Formula 1 and F1 game twitter: "more complex maths".
  12. Do you mean to ask if you (the player) will also get a rating? If so, I think that was just confirmed in the trailer, under the contract screen.
  13. I don't think the stats are as detailed as you are saying, but they are definitely more complex than the 4 stats that are mentioned. This was said by Paul Jeal and Lee Mather, added by the fact that the averages of those numbers dont correspond with the overall rating.
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