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  1. Tigergrow

    Practice programs time/level issues

    Im on 95 AI, most of the times I easily pass the programs, except for the Qualifying Pace. Once I failed or got the target time, I'll be the fastest of the session: even in FP2/FP3. Once I qualify I'm where the car is supposed to be (12-18), so I think it has something to do with AI pace in practice.
  2. Tigergrow

    F2 Sprint race strategy

    Had this aswell, although I just pitted together with them for difficulty sake. If I were you I'd file a bug report
  3. Tigergrow

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    Another question about the Formula 2 cars: While the "extra rotation" is mostly removed on the F1 cars, I feel like it is still very much present on the formula 2 cars. Is this just the handling of the F2 car in F1 2020, or still the extra rotation?
  4. Tigergrow

    F2 updated grid

    As it is the "feeder" part into the 2020 F1 season, it will be the 2019 F2 grid, just like last year.
  5. Tigergrow

    Starting Career with full season of F2

    I've just seen it as well... does anyone know? ^^
  6. Tigergrow

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    Hey David, in another thread it was discussed how to get a good start in the F2 cars: we were hinted to ask you. This was also difficult in F1 2019, so what is your advice/input to get a good start in an F2 car?
  7. Tigergrow

    £44.99 vs £64.99?

    20 pounds extra? I've got lucky with the 10% deal, so it was only 2 euros extra: wouldnt spent much more on it.
  8. Tigergrow

    F1 2020 release time

    On the ps4 and xbox there is a countdown for 00.00: midnight the 7th. Simple as that. For Steam im guessing its the same: @Ab0we
  9. The NDA isnt for people who got the game early (because stores got or sent them early) right? Some people are indeed breaching the NDA (some Italian dude yesterday), but today there were 2 streamers which just got the game early by accident, so no trouble for them.
  10. Tigergrow

    Career/MyTeam Calendar

    You can choose the races, but not the order of them, also no double headers. However, there may be a "real season patch" later in the year, but im guessing this is only for championship mode.
  11. Tigergrow

    Virtual Mirror finally in the game

    This was already confirmed in the first batch of videos right? Like 2 months ago? Or was it just a rumour?
  12. Tigergrow

    F1 2020 Career Mode - F2 Regards

    I have done 7 at a maximum, but this game cycle around 15 I guess: I've started up multiple careers to keep myself entertained. Also, the A.I. in season 7 is very overpowered in traction zones, this makes it less enjoyable.
  13. Tigergrow

    Another featured event?!

    I think they are already focussing on F1 2020, and not updating the weekly events (as frequently):
  14. Tigergrow

    F1 2020 pre download steam

    Yes, you are wrong. You can play on the 7th: 3 day early acces, like each year.
  15. Tigergrow

    F1 2020 Career Mode - F2 Regards

    1 season F2 + 9 seasons in F1, or 1 season in F2 + 10 seasons in F1. @Matheus Narcisoi'm guessing the latter, 10 full seasons of f1!