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  1. This has been posted in an earlier thread: https://codemasters.helpshift.com/a/all/?s=f1-2021&f=will-the-deluxe-edition-be-available-on-disc&l=en&p=web
  2. The Deluxe edition is digital only, if you want a physical copy you'll have to order the standard version. I believe all the deluxe content will be available as DLC you can purchase separately though
  3. They're possible yeah, I'm expecting it to be drivers who won world championships, from a commercial standpoint. Could probably add Damon Hill to the candidates
  4. I too have a feeling it will be drivers from the 90s era onwards. I'd go with Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, Michael Schumacher (have already acquired licences), then Mika Hakkinen, Nigel Mansell, Jacques Villeneuve, and the final place is a toss up between Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg
  5. The version on sale at GAME (and Amazon) is the standard version, there's no mention of the Deluxe content (18.000 Pitcoin, 7 classic drivers) in the pre-order bonus material
  6. The box art currently being shown is a placeholder so people can pre-order it before the real box art is revealed. And yes it does appear that the Deluxe version is digital only, but the standard version will be disc based. The Deluxe content will be available to buy separately as DLC after the release though
  7. I'm thinking that that Deluxe edition is going to be digital only this year, I've only ever seen it referred to as the Digital Deluxe Edition. No reason why there can't still be a steelbook bonus as a preorder of the physical game from the usual outlet though (GAME in the UK). If there is one, we won't see it until the box art is revealed. Last year I first saw the steelbook on the German Amazon site
  8. Has anyone seen a circuit map of the Jeddah Street Circuit, scheduled to host the Saudi Arabian GP in November? I haven't been able to locate a confirmed one anywhere. If Codemasters don't have a circuit plan to create the track for F1 2021, I imagine that if the game is released in June/July, the Jeddah track will be missing on initial release, and will be added later in a patch.
  9. Maybe the 'special edition' of F1 2021 could feature the full 2020 season with all the extra tracks, much like you could play the 2014 season's tracks and cars on F1 2015. Given the 2021 cars are going to be pretty much the 2020 cars anyway, that might give them more time to work on the extra circuits
  10. Few people on my Xbox friends list are playing it right now. They changed their Xbox location to New Zealand, so when it hit 1am Tuesday NZ time (about midday on Monday in the UK) they could start downloading it
  11. Just a guide to what the game is weighted towards, but here's a list of the achievements/trophies for F1 2020: https://www.trueachievements.com/game/F1-2020/achievements
  12. Those who like collecting the Xbox achievements or PS trophies on offer in a game, what achievements would you like to see obtainable in F1 2014?  I wouldn't mind the co-op ones disappearing, I can never be bothered to do more than a few races in co-op. Think have achievements for winning a certain number of online races rather than just taking part in them would be good. Maybe offer an achievement for multiple clean races too rather than the one needed in previous games. Think it would be quite interesting to offer one for completing a 100% race with a one stop strategy Also, will the ac
  13. A visual indicator during races that a driver has a penalty, maybe a red 'P' displayed next to their name. You don't always get the radio message informing you of their penalty, so can end up battling with a driver you discover at the end of the race you didn't need to
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