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  1. Same here, I just went back to the store with my receipt, the staff weren't aware of the issue, but simply sent a whatsapp message to head office. When they replied, she printed the code for me. Only took a couple of minutes
  2. Also having this issue on Xbox, the sound cuts in and out constantly, during gameplay and when navigating the menus. Basically the entire time F1 2021 is running. It's nothing to do with parties or online play as I haven't even used those features yet
  3. I too pre-ordered the the physical version from GAME, and do not have any of the Breaking Point pre-order bonus material. The DLC codes are usually on a leaflet inside the box, but there wasn't anything there this time. Least it didn't just happen to me.
  4. I think that one is the platinum trophy you get on PlayStation for unlocking all the other ones. It won't be on the Xbox list
  5. List of the trophies/achievements obtainable in F1 2021: https://www.exophase.com/game/f1-2021-psn-2/trophies/ A few new ones, a few of the old classics, and quite a nice balance of online and career achievements this year
  6. Yas Marina circuit changes confirmed:
  7. from Autosport.com Yes, now there will be changes to the circuit at Yas Marina that would need to go into the game too. Whilst they haven't revealed what the changes will be publicly yet, the strong rumour is that the chicane right before the hairpin in sector 1 will be removed, and corners 11, 12, 13 and 14 (at the end of the second backstraight) will be converted into one long sweeping left hander
  8. New cover now showing at GAME but no sign of any steelbook, including at foreign retailers, so starting to think there's not going to be one this year
  9. F1's Twitter account has just revealed the game's official cover, so I expect if there is a steelbook version that will be revealed shortly
  10. This has been posted in an earlier thread: https://codemasters.helpshift.com/a/all/?s=f1-2021&f=will-the-deluxe-edition-be-available-on-disc&l=en&p=web
  11. The Deluxe edition is digital only, if you want a physical copy you'll have to order the standard version. I believe all the deluxe content will be available as DLC you can purchase separately though
  12. They're possible yeah, I'm expecting it to be drivers who won world championships, from a commercial standpoint. Could probably add Damon Hill to the candidates
  13. I too have a feeling it will be drivers from the 90s era onwards. I'd go with Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, Michael Schumacher (have already acquired licences), then Mika Hakkinen, Nigel Mansell, Jacques Villeneuve, and the final place is a toss up between Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg
  14. The version on sale at GAME (and Amazon) is the standard version, there's no mention of the Deluxe content (18.000 Pitcoin, 7 classic drivers) in the pre-order bonus material
  15. The box art currently being shown is a placeholder so people can pre-order it before the real box art is revealed. And yes it does appear that the Deluxe version is digital only, but the standard version will be disc based. The Deluxe content will be available to buy separately as DLC after the release though
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